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Sunday, November 1, 2020

Sandy Springs Toastmasters October 22, 2020 Meeting Recap and Meetings Roles for November 5, 2020

 Currently, all meetings are held virtually via ZOOM.

Zoom Link:  

SPECIAL NOTICE: Due to the Holidays in November and December all meetings will be held 1st and 3rd Thursdays via Zoom at 7AM. Next Meeting November 5, 2020

  Recap of Thursday October 22, 2020 meeting and the roles for our next meeting on 11/5. Please confirm your roles if you have not already done so.


 The Sandy Springs Toastmasters club met via Zoom with six members and five guests present. Jim Owen led us in the pledge of allegiance. 


The word of the day, presented by a guest, was “Limitrophe.” It means, something that is situated on a border or a frontier.”  In a broader sense, it means, border countries


Errington served as our timer/vote counter.

Apoorva led us in lively round of Table Topics where she presented members and guests questions about Halloween.  Jim won best Table Topic response when he told us about dressing up as Captain Underpants. 


Crystal gave a speech on “How Smart is Fido?”  The speech told how to gauge intelligence in pets and gave examples of intelligence observed in wildlife, such as the ability to plan ahead, use tools, and even perform simple addition.  Anastasia followed with an insightful evaluation.  


The next meeting will be November 5th at 7 a.m. on Zoom. 

 The roles for next meeting are:


Toastmaster:    Sam Gadebusch- Please confirm

Table Topics:    Riquet Caballero-Please confirm

Speech:            AnastasiaPass – Confirmed

   Jimmy Sidor-Confirmed 

Evaluators:      Errington Watkins- Confirmed

                         Jim Owens- Confirmed

 TV:                   Open

Ah/Gr:               Open

Word:               Open

Joke:                Open

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