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Monday, December 17, 2018

The Sandy Springs Toastmasters Recap 12/13/18 and 12/20/18 Roles

Hello Sandy Springs Toastmasters! Hope you had a great weekend! A few announcements before the recap:

·         On December 20th, this Thursday, the Sandy Springs Toastmasters will be having a holiday party! It’s a potluck, therefore, we will need to bring casserole dish(es), fruit, bread, pastries, juice, etc. Please email Paige and let her know what you’ll be bringing to the party.

·         Our Club will be hosting a Table Topics Contest in January of 2019. We’re still working on setting the official date for it. We’ll be rolling out more information over the next couple of weeks.

Sandy Springs Toastmasters 12/06/18 Meeting Recap

Bud Otto, the club’s Sergeant At Arms, called the meeting to order with the pledge of allegiance exactly at 7 am.

Paige Kerr, the club president, gave opening remarks and made a couple of announcements.

Jeanne McDaniel, the Toastmaster of the day, filled all the roles. Her theme for the day was “Inspiration”.

Bud gave the Word of The Day. Subsidy- Money that is paid by a government or other authority in order to help an industry or business, or to pay for a public service.

Steve Bragg, the Table Topics Master of the day, entertained us with great Table Topics questions revolving around holidays celebrated within different cultures and religions. Una Richards won Best Table Topics answer.

The group took a brief coffee break then reconvened.

Etsehiwot Ezra gave a speech from The Competent Communicator Manual, Project #9, titled “Come Grind with Us”. Crystal Reeves gave an insightful evaluation of Etsehiwot’s speech.

Una gave a speech from The Competent Communicator Manual, Project #5, titled “What’s in My Bag”. Paige gave an astute evaluation of Una’s speech.

Una won Best Speaker and Paige won Best Evaluator.

Una and Paige went over next’s week’s roles and meeting agenda. The meeting was adjourned.

  • Toastmaster: Una Richards
  • Table Topics Master: Ralston Medouze
  • Ti/V: Anastasia Pass
  • Word: Bud Otto

See you all in a few days, toasties! 

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