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Monday, June 4, 2018

Sandy Springs 5/31 Meeting Recap and 6/7 Roles

Recap & 6/7 Roles

6/7 Roles:
TM – Paige Kerr 
TT – Jim Owen
Speakers – Andrea Miranda,  E Ezra, Ralston Medouze 
Evaluators- Alan Magee,  Anastasia Pass,  Una Richards 
Ah/Gr – Bud Otto
Joke – Tom Mills
Word – OPEN

5/31/ recap
Bud Otto called the meeting to order with the pledge of allegiance.  Our president, Anastasia, welcomed the nine members and three guests (including her husband John) and reminded members that the election of officers is scheduled for our next meeting on June 7th.  Anyone interested in holding an office, please let Anastasia know.
Anastasia turned the meeting over to the Toastmaster of the day, Crystal Reeves, who reviewed the roles with E Ezra being timer and David Kulze serving as ah counter/grammarian.  Newest member,Tom Mills, gave us the word of the day: Biophilia, a noun which means the affinity of human beings of other life forms.(Nature lovers). 
Anastasia led Round One of the table topics and Jim Owen led Round Two when Anastasia had to leave to catch a flight. Round One Table Topics' theme was centered around Memorial Day and those that gave their lives for our country. Round Two was random questions from backup grab bag.  David Kulze won for best Table Topics.
Phillip Knight was our sole speaker. Evaluator, Ralston Medouze, gave insightful feedback. Speech and evaluation were both outstanding. Officer elections will be this week. Be on the lookout for info about nominees. If you cannot attend this week, please send a separate email just to Anastasia Pass with your votes.  

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