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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Sandy Springs TM 2-22-18 Meeting Recap & 3/1 Roles

Sandy Springs TM Members:  Please take a moment to review the roles below and confirm your availability by Sunday, 2/25 by replying to all.  Many thanks.
3/1 Roles:
TM: Colbi Ellison
TT: Crystal Reeves
Speakers: Paige Kerr; Una Richards; Pending: Shawn
Evaluators: Bud Otto; Jim Owen; Steve Bragg
Word/Joke: Chris Ashkouti
Ah/Gr: Jeremiah Jones
Scribe*: Ralston Medouze

* take notes during meeting, write-up meeting recap and email to President

2/22 Meeting Recap:
After Bud Otto, Sergeant-At-Arms, opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance, Club President, Anastasia Pass, happily welcomed 3 guests and then turned the meeting over to TM, Alex Brinkman.  Today's meeting was a reverse meeting with 2 speakers going first followed by TT session. Before the speakers, Bud Otto presented the word of the day, effluent, and challenged us to use it this week.  Alex also set the tone of the day with an inspirational quote from Mohammed Ali about the value of taking risks.

Andrea Miranda gave the audience an overview of her role as Vice President of Membership, all it entails and how we can help: 1. She assists guests with whatever they need until they join; 2. She recruits new members thru various strategies, e.g. this year we are planning an Open House and welcome all member ideas on how to make it a success; Also putting together guest packets to give to first time attendees; 3. Everyone can help by engaging and interacting with guests before, during and after the meetings and offering them help as well.  Ralston Medouze, also gave us an overview of his club role as Vice President of Public Relations.  His efforts fall into 2 main categories: building community and helping more people find our TM Club.  He has also livened up the Meetup and Facebook sites with photos & videos taken at meetings.  His 5-day PR strategy is to post something different each day of the week: events on Monday, TED Talks on Tuesdays, Inspirational Quotes/Thoughts on Wednesdays, Reminders-Recaps & Photos on Thursdays and Videos on Fridays.  He invites everyone to Like and Follow our FB page, as well as add comments and other feedback on the page as well.   He's always looking for ways our club can also connect with the community of Sandy Springs and welcomes all suggestions. 

The entire group offered both speakers feedback about their presentations.  Valuable feedback about diction, gestures, body language, content & structure were given from many members as well as guests. 

After a short break, Alex Brinkman turned the meeting over to Chris Ashkouti, who volunteered to facilitate Table Topics using our random question bag.  Andrea won Best Speaker Award and Guest, Sean won Best Table Topics for his answer to what is your favorite holiday and why which was Chinese New Year despite this year him having to hand out money in red envelopes rather than receiving them.

Alex and all members performed their roles with proficiency and professionalism and all are greatly appreciated.  Meeting was adjourned on time at our new closing time of 8:15am.  Bravo, Alex!  See you all next week!

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