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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sandy Springs Toastmasters 1-25-18 Mtg Recap

After a cancelled TM meeting due to Mother Nature, the last January 2018 meeting was well attended.  Member, Paige Kerr, led Table Topics inviting attendees to pick a number between 1- 365 to hear their Table Topics question.  Bud Otto won Best Table Topics for his response to what was his #1 goal for the next 6 months. 
Andrea Miranda gave her 9th speech named "Life in the Fast Lane", a persuasive speech about the reason you should not stay in the fast lane when driving given the "slow poke" law. 
Ralston Medouze agave his 6th speech entitled "The Importance of Sleep".  It was an informative speech about the stages of sleep, theories of why we need to sleep and the effect of lack of sleep.  Anastasia Pass provided feedback to Andrea and Jim Owen provided Ralston feedback.  Andrea won Best Speaker and Jim Owen Best Evaluator. 
President, Anastasia Pass, explained the details and where info could be found about the upcoming TM Speech Contests and then encouraged any member who is interested to participate in either the International Speech Contest or the Table Topics Contest.  We are a really fun and dynamic club always looking for new members who can enhance the value of being a Sandy Springs Toastmaster to an even greater degree.
Looking forward to our next meeting and to all guests who will attend as well as visiting with current members.

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