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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Sandy Springs 6-1-17 Toastmasters Meeting Recap

Nice turnout for the meeting today with 11 members and 1 guest.  After the Pledge of Allegiance led by Bud Otto, Anastasia Pass, outgoing VPE, conducted the vote for Andrea Miranda as VP of Membership for 2017-18. Congrats and thank you, Andrea!  You'll do a great job!  We are still needing a VPE to have a viable club for this year.  It might require co-VPEs until someone is able to take on full-time.  VPE writes the recaps of the meetings, sets up the 6-week schedule and encourages members to reach their goals.  The recaps can be brief or more detailed - depending on how much of a writer you happen to be.  If you cannot attend a meeting, one of the other officers or a member fills in.  Time requirement is about one hour a week and two short training sessions annually. If you would like to step up to or share this position, we need you!  Serving in a leadership role also puts you on the fast track to the Advanced Leadership certification.

Anastasia then turned the meeting over to first-time Toastmaster, Melinda Schmitt.  She must have done her homework because you'd never know it was her debut.  She moved the meeting along at a great pace and remembered all the ins and outs even with a twist or two to the normal schedule.

The very first item of business was extending heartfelt condolences on behalf of the entire club to fellow member, Paige Kerr, on the loss of her dad this week.  We're all looking forward to giving her hugs when she returns.  After going over the roles, Anastasia presented the Joke of the Day (engineering, mathematician and mystic story) and then turned the meeting over to first-time Table Topics Master, David Kulze, who also did an amazing job.  His list of questions all centered around the unlikely scenario of moving our TM meeting to Miami, AZ and all that would involve, e.g. choosing a moving service, where to eat on the way and how to spend your last day in Atlanta.  John Calloway and Ralston Medouze tied for Best Table Topics response.  John had to select where he would opt for a photo from 1 of 3 roadside attractions and he chose the beer can house.  Ralston had to tell us if one move didn't work out, where in the world would he choose his last move to be. His answer - Tangiers!  Who knew!?

We had 3 speakers today.  First up was Bud Otto who gave a speech entitled "Deals on Wheels" from the Speak to Inform series.  He thoroughly explained the math on his invest in debt scheme of buying, leasing and selling mobile homes and had us all in stitches when he produced a photo of a new concept called "Hi-rise Candominiums".  Second speaker, Ralston Medouze, gave his Get To The Point Speech entitled "Money Money Money", which was about understanding the role of money as a placeholder, it's value and the trust we place in the entire system of exchange.  Jim Owen was the final speaker with a very pragmatic story about "Things to Teach Your Kids Before They Go To College", e.g. how to sew on a button, iron a shirt, write thank you notes, etc.  John Calloway evaluated Bud's speech, Darbie Saunders evaluated Ralston's speech and Crystal Reeves evaluated Jim Owen's speech. All gave the speakers honest and helpful feedback.   Darbie won Best Evaluator and Bud won Best Speaker.  Congrats to all!

Anastasia Pass in her Ah/Gr report mentioned that while many of us are still using "and um" "but um" "so um", we are doing it less and less and that's a good thing.  Reza Shah, serving as the GE, gave an overall positive review of the meeting.  Our guest, Una Richards, who is the new author of a book entitled "Pull The Darn Trigger", said she really needs this group to build her confidence in and strengthen her speaking and presentation skills.  We look forward to her joining us.   Handshakes and pats on the back to all the members for the time and effort that they always put into their roles.  

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