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Friday, May 5, 2017

Sandy Springs 5/4/17 Toastmasters Mtg Recap and 5/11 Roles

Please review the roles for our next meeting and confirm your availability with Alan Magee or  Anastasia Pass:
Phillip Knight:  TM
Melinda Schmitt: TT
Bud Otto:  GE
Jeremiah Jones: Speaker
Reza Shah:  Speaker
Andrea Miranda: Eval
Reza Shah: Eval
Ti/V:  Open
Ah/Gr: Open

Alan wore several hats today as President, Sergeant-at-Arms and Toastmaster.  He reminded everyone that we would be electing a new slate of officers this month and that he would be circulating to the members a description of what each role entails. We will be voting later in the month. There are so many talented members who would add greatly help in moving our club to even more success.  Alan reminded all of the upcoming District TM Spring Conference being held in Midtown on May 12-13. Please check out for more info if would like to attend.  He also gave a warm welcome to members Lisa Borosky and Alex Brinkman who have not been able to attend for quite awhile.  It was good to have them back!

There were 2 words of the day given by Anastasia Pass: plethora and gullible, both tied to her 2 jokes of the day about Ollie and Lena.  For the first time in a long time, one of the words, plethora - was used by multiple members during the meeting. Bravo!  Table Topics Master, Steve Bragg, selected a plethora of Spring related questions to challenge all of the members which ran the gamut from
Memorial Day to Spring Fashion Rules, to commencement speakers.  There was a tie for the Best Table Topics response.  Crystal Reeves won for her response to what she liked best about spring, which was her dogwood tree and the visiting hummingbirds who apparently did a chest bump right before her eyes!  David Kulze also won for his response to a daylight savings time question. Having just recently relocated to Atlanta from Arizona, he's not a fan and for the first time in his life had to change his clock.  Alan Magee's question was about Mother's Day and he mentioned that it's always difficult to come up with a good idea for Mother's Day gift.  Anastasia Pass offered Scentsy as a solution and so the link is at the end of this recap!

Ralston Medouze's 3rd speech, entitled "Which language will give you an edge on life?" (CC manual project: organize your speech), was about the 4 languages that he felt would be most helpful for business, traveling, change of perspective and improving opportunities.  The ones he selected and elaborated on were Japanese, German, Chinese and French.  Crystal Reeves gave her 2nd speech from the Storytelling Series entitled "The art of goal tending", which was not about soccer or hockey but rather a very personal story about why setting goals is so important.  Crystal explained that what she learned from her 4-H goal setting experience was that if you don't know where you're going, you could very likely end up someplace else.  Andrea Miranda gave Ralston excellent feedback on both the strengths of his content and how he could improve his presentation.  Anastasia Pass did the same for Crystal's speech. Members awarded Best Speaker to Crystal Reeves (bonus day!) and Best Evaluator to Anastasia Pass.  

Many thanks to other members who did a great job - Lisa Borowsky, Ah/Gr & Andrea Miranda, Ti/V!  We cannot run the meetings without everyone pitching in!  That's what TM is all about.

Here is the link from Anastasia in case you, too, are struggling to choose a Mother's Day gift!

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