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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sandy Springs March 9 Toastmasters Meeting Recap

Bud Otto faithfully opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.  VPE, Anastasia Pass, reminded all members to renew their membership by March 15 if possible but definitely by March 31.  Anastasia turned the meeting over to Toastmaster, Paige Kerr, who started out by telling us she joined Toastmasters one year ago today!  She then reviewed and filled meeting roles and mentioned that Melinda Schmitt offered to pitch in with TM related social media needs.  Ralston presented the word of the day - "aplomb".  We welcomed back long-time member, Phillip Knight, who ran the Table Topics for the day around the theme of "Jobs".  Members and our guest were asked about their first job, worst job, best job, best boss, worst boss, tough jobs, etc.  There were so many good responses that it was hard to pick the winner.  But alas, Reza won Best Table Topics Award for his very descriptive story of his worst job/first job at a tannery.

Following the coffee break provided by Anastasia, Paige turned the meeting over to GE, Jim Owen, who introduced the two Evaluators, Crystal Reeves and Reza Shah.  Crystal introduced the first speaker, Andrea Miranda, who gave her 3rd speech entitled "Don't Get Fired".  Andrea utilized her recruiting background to give a very well organized and informative speech about how to keep your job, including key tips like show up, do it and be nice.  Reza introduced the second speaker, Melinda Schmitt, who gave her 2nd speech entitled "Non-reactive Thoughts", which was a veritable crash course on the advantages, benefits and how-to's of meditation.  She also suggested we try out a very helpful app called "Insight Timer" if we're interested in trying out any type of meditative practice. Both Evaluators offered substantive and helpful comments as well as suggestions on how they could have strengthened their presentation.  Both speakers were very well prepared and aplomb and both evaluators listened closely and gave candid feedback.  Melinda won Best Speaker and Crystal won Best Evaluator.  Jim Owen wrapped up his portion of the meeting with a positive overall evaluation, complimenting everyone who contributed and participated in the Table Topics.  He also reminded all to renew their membership.  Paige Kerr did the same and then adjourned the meeting on time. Next meeting is March 16.

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