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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sandy Springs Toastmaster Club 1-26-17 Meeting Recap

We closed out the first month of 2017 with another great meeting.  One month down, 11 to go!!! Bud Otto handled all the Sergeant-at-Arms pre-meeting duties, opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and then turned it over to the President, Alan Magee.  Alan encouraged all members to revisit their 2017 Toastmaster goals, sign up for roles and speeches so they progress towards their Competent Communicator and Competent Leader certifications.  

Toastmaster, Andrea Miranda, warmly welcomed the 2 guests, Melinda Schmitt and Ralston Medouze, who introduced themselves.  Andrea then explained that since we only had one International Speech Contest competitor, we would continue with the regular meeting format and have the speech contest after the break. Andrea gave the Word of the Day - "bailiwick", which only Bud Otto used during the meeting.  Good job, Bud! VP of Education, Anastasia Pass, stepped up to fill the Table Topics role, offering random questions from the card box. All the members and guests participated and there were so many interesting responses that there was a 3-way tie for Best Table Topics - John Calloway, Guest - Melinda Schmitt and Lisa Borowsky.  Many thanks to John Calloway for providing the coffee for our break.  

Alan Magee was our sole contestant for the International Speech Contest.  He gave a rousing and enthusiastic speech entitled "Alan Magee Bullet Proof Interview Process - Patented Five Step Program".  While Vanessa served as the contest Judge, Darbie served as the Evaluator.  Both gave Alan very high marks for structure, content and presentation. It would have been very tough for anyone to earn more judges points and evaluator compliments than he did.  Crystal Reeves and Lisa Borowsky, our timers/vote counters, noted that everyone qualified for votes in both TT and speaking. Congratulations to Alan for being our club's representative at the Speech contest in February along with Andrea Miranda for Table Topics.  And while handing out kudos, belated high fives and hearty congratulations to Vanessa Lane for earning her Competent Communicator preceded by Crystal Reeves earning her Competent Leader!  Yeah for both of you! 

John Calloway, in his first time serving as General Evaluator did an excellent job summarizing all of the events of the day, reminded all to turn off their phones during the meeting and commended all who served in the various roles.  Anastasia Pass rallied everyone to remember that this is their club and we can each do our part to make it a great club.  She read the Toastmaster Mission Statements at Club, District and International levels and discussed how close our club is to achieving Distinguished TM Club designation.  Lastly, she reiterated that Toastmasters can provide not only opportunities to practice speaking but empowers us to become better communicators and strong leaders.  Our district rep, Marianne Gudina, will be attending our 2/2 meeting and we look forward to showing her what a unique and savvy group of members we have here at Sandy Springs. Jeremiah Jones gave a very thorough and helpful Ah/Grammarian report aided by a new report form. The meeting was closed with very nice feedback from the 2 guests who introduced themselves earlier as well as from another guest who arrived late, Monique Larue Wilson. Nice to have three guests and we look forward to seeing them again. After doing a flawless job on only her second time being Toastmaster, Andrea closed the meeting with a smile and on time. 

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