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Monday, November 21, 2016

Sandy Springs Nov. 17 2016 Toastmasters Meeting Recap

We had a very unusual meeting today. Our meeting room was changed due to another meeting in our regular room.  We had a guest from our TM District headquarters and had 3 additional guests!  We also had only one speaker and so the meeting was shorter than usual as well.  But as always, it was a lot of fun and much was learned.  Jeremiah Jones, Toastmaster, opened the meeting with the pledge of allegiance and then introduced the VPE, Anastasia Pass, who reminded everyone to bring their communication and leadership manuals to all meetings and to also read the interesting and helpful articles in the monthly TM magazine that members receive. Anastasia also introduced the guest from our Area office, Marianne Gudina, who then spoke to the audience about the upcoming speech contests and the Pathways program.  More information will be forthcoming to members about both of these items.  Jeremiah then introducted the Table Topics Master, Jim Owen, who went through a series of questions to members and guests related to Thanksgiving.  One of our guests, Lisa Borowsky, won Best Table Topics response.

Reza Shah gave a speech on the Get to the Point speech and emphasized the importance of being succinct and honest in our daily conversations.  In Andrea Miranda's evaluation, she encouraged Reza to maintain stronger eye contact, add more details, meet the time limits of the given project and also stated how she liked how he pounded the podium to emphatically make a point.

After Vanessa Lane gave her General Evaluation, comments from the guests were solicited and the meeting was adjourned.  We will not be having a meeting on Thanksgiving Day.  Our next meeting will be Thursday, Dec. 1.  At our December 8th meeting we will only have Table Topics session and then have a holiday breakfast.  Our last meeting for 2016 will be Thursday, December 15, resuming on January 5th.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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