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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sandy Springs Toastmasters 10/13/16 Meeting Recap

Today's meeting opened with the customary Pledge of Allegiance led by Bud Otto who then turned the meeting over to the President, Alan Magee. Alan and several attendees, filled multiple roles.  Alan brought the Coffee, served as TM and also a Speech Evaluator.  Alan talked about his recent trip to Boston and all shared some of the things he learned, e.g. Paul Revere - myths and legends and Boston was largely a man made city.  Alan also told us that the TM National Hdqtrs has moved from California where's it's been since 1984 to Denver, CO.  He'll keep us posted on the ramifications of that.  Alan then introduced Steve Bragg, the Table Topics Master.  Given the recent Hurricane Matthew, Steve challenged us to think quickly on a wide variety of questions related to disaster preparedness.  Bud Otto, our Ti/V and Ah/Gr, won Best Table Topics award for his humorous response to his "Go-Bag" question.

A quick coffee break, compliments of Alan, with brownies from Paige, preceded the second  half of the meeting which included 3 speakers.  Catherine Lautenbacher, the first speaker, was introduced by Evaluator, Reza Shah.  Catherine's 9th speech in the CC Manual was on Persuade with Power and was entitled "How to Kill the Mrs".  The speech title was a bit misleading in this witty and humorous persuasive speech on how Catherine advocates eliminating the title of "Mrs." automatically assigned to women post-marriage and if done, will no doubt make America great again!  Anastasia Pass, who also gave the Word and Joke of the day, introduced the 2nd speaker, Vanessa Lane.  Vanessa's speech was #8 in the CC Manual - Getting Comfortable with Visual Aids, and was entitled "Baking a Pound Cake".  She proceeded to explain to us her secret process of making an award-winning pound cake which included displaying her special bowl and numerous ingredients.  The highlight of her speech was presenting the group with an actual pound cake that she had made, minus a big chunk confiscated by her husband, that all of us got to test and enjoy!  Alan Magee introduced the 3rd and final speaker, Crystal Reeves.  Crystal recently earned her CC and this was her first speech from the Advanced Entertaining Speeches series and entitled "Transplants".  It was a well-told story about the 3 new things about the Atlanta area that were her favorites as a transplant and then one item that she hasn't yet conquered - gardening. Her speech ended with the conclusion that she is going to get a "student loan" to handle that.  You had to be here!   Catherine won Best Speaker Award and Anastasia won Best Evaluator.

Paige Kerr took on the role of GE for the first time and did an excellent job. She astutely pointed out that roles can be tricky and especially the GE which often changes from meeting to meeting.  It's a good idea to discuss ahead of time with TM how to handle the GE role and also to read thru the tips on the TM website and in the manual prior to doing any of the roles - even if it's not the first time! We had one visitor today and hope the Roger returns again.  Reminder that next week we will be having an Improv Workshop which will certainly be an adventure you don't want to miss!  Please let Anastasia Pass or Alan Magee know if you want to do a specific role working towards your Competent Leadership certification and also when you are ready to give a speech.

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