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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sandy Springs Toastmasters 10-6-16 Meeting Recap

Bud Otto served as both the Sergeant-At-Arms and Toastmaster at today's meeting - and as always - did a superb job at both!  After opening comments, and in the absence of both the President and VPE, Bud turned the meeting over to Crystal Reeves, the day's Table Topics Master, who led a very good session.  Crystal had each of us select a slip from her basket of short story titles and then improvise what the book was about.  Vanessa Lane won for Best Table Topics response with her book summary of the short story, Death at McDonald's.  After a quick coffee break, compliments of Michael McConnell, we moved into the speaking portion of the meeting, led by GE, Catherine Lautenbacher. Darbie Saunders, the first speaker, was introduced by her Evaluator, Vanessa Lane.  Darbie's speech, entitled "Time To Vacate", encouraged all of us to take time to vacation and then vividly described all the great features of two of  her favorite spots, Fripp Island and Asheville, NC.  The second speaker, Paige Kerr, was introduced by her Evaluator, Andrea Miranda.  This was Paige's 3rd speech and it was entitled Bartlett's Famous Quotations.  She stated that famous quotations are often misassigned or misquoted and proposed 3 ways to not have that happen and dazzled us with several famous quotations from memory.  Ask her about the 3-S's that will make your quotes memorable and not misquoted!  Just when we were ready to tally the votes, Reza Shah arrived ready ready to give a speech.  Alex Brinkman bravely stepped up at last minute to be his Evaluator.  Reza gave his 2nd speech which was his perspective on American politics and politicians and we need to be more curious and discerning citizens, especially when we hear words like "Make America Great Again".  All of the speakers did an excellent job on many fronts but Paige won Best Speaker; and despite all the valuable feedback given by Vanessa, Andrea and Alex, there can be only one winner and today's Best Evaluator was Andrea Miranda.  Catherine Lautenbacher was again an articulate and witty GE. After a tough but constructive report by the Gr/Ah, Anastasia PassBud Otto invited our guest of the day to introduce himself, asked for final comments and closed the meeting on time. All members and guests are encouraged to go to Google Sheets to check out the roles that are scheduled for upcoming meetings.  Everyone was also reminded that on Oct. 20 we will have an Improv Workshop and on Nov 3 there will be 3 presentations given from the Better Speaker and Successful Club Series.

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