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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sandy Springs Toastmaster July 14, 2016 Meeting Recap

July 21 meeting roles are below.  Please let Stasia know asap if you will not be attending the 7/21 meeting. Thanks and have a safe week!

Philip Knight - TM
Michael McConnell - TT
Catherine Lautenbacher - Coffee
Alan Magee - GE
OPEN - Speaker
Anastasia Pass  - Speaker
Jan van Rensburg - E
OPEN - Gr/Ah
Steve Bragg - Joke
OPEN - Word

AUGUST 18th WE WILL BE HAVING OUR HUMOUROUS SPEECH CONTEST.  PLEASE LET ALAN OR STASIA KNOW IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING!  Also, please let Stasia know if you'd like to fill one of the OPEN roles above or any in the future.
Sandy Springs Toastmaster July 14, 2016 Meeting Recap
After the Toastmaster, Jim Owen, made his opening remarks, Alan Magee led the Table Topics session which was in line with one of Toastmasters goals of Fellowship. To get to know each other a little better he asked us questions that required the responder to reveal a little bit of themselves.  One of Catherine Lautenbacher's hard life lessons was learning thru TM and other experiences that speaking wouldn't kill her.  What makes Jon Martindale lose track of time? He said almost everything. The books Alex Brinkman recommends all read in grade school is their science book and one of the Harry Potter series.  Bud Otto's unusual questions was if you didn't know how old you were, what age would you guess you were - his answer, 35 of course.  Steve Bragg shared several things that he has done on his bucket list - bought and rides a motorcycle, went skydiving and took Tae Kwon Doe - but one thing left he wants to do is learn how to play guitar either like a rockstar or by Rockstar...Jim Owen said his priceless Mastercard moment was when he graduated later in life and marched across the stage in full cap and gown.  Anastasia Pass said that one of the lessons that she's learned this year was to slow down, don't be so hard on herself and keep things in perspective.  This was after she confessed that she had forgotten to print out the TM schedules and she wasn't ready to give her speech as scheduled!  Even the TT Master answered a question - Alan Magee had to tell us if all his worldly possessions had to fit in one backpack, what would he pack...Pictures, odd artifacts, 2 changes of clothes, Great Expectations novel and a few other fun things.  There was a 4-way tie for the winner and by luck of the draw, Bud Otto won Best Table Topics.

Catherine Lautenbacher gave her 6th speech on Vocal Variety entitled "Why We Remember".  It was very poignant story of her recent visit to Europe and various sites of the Holocaust.  She painted little vignettes of all that she witnessed and the point of her story was that while this was a very somber and sordid part of history, in order to never let it happen again, we must remember each and every human being who was lost.  We must be their witnesses and that's why we remember. 

Jon Martindale gave his 160th (just kidding-only 159th) Icebreaker speech.  Jon has given hundreds of speeches over his 28 years in Toastmasters.  He used his initial icebreaker speech opening for this speech and reminisced about the place he gave it and what Toastmaster's has meant to him.  He described the core values as the legs on a 3-legged stool - Communication, Leadership and Fellowship. One idea that motivated him to get and stay involved with TM was the awards he could earn and the leadership roles he could play. Currently, Jon is devoting much of his time to a new venture which also has 3 components - be sure to ask him about it.  We hope that he stays with TM for many more years.  

Steve Bragg told Catherine how well constructed her speech was and that it would rank as one of her best speeches.  The detailed insights he gave her about how she could have improved the vocal variety surely benefited the entire audience, not just Catherine.  

Anastasia Pass thanked Jon for his many, many contributions and commitment to Toastmasters for so many years. She said that it's hard to give helpful feedback to someone who has been doing this for so long but one thing she suggested was to continue to give us glimpses of who he is when he gives a speech. 

Catherine Lautenbacher won Best Speaker and Steve Bragg won Best Evaluator. 

Thanks to everyone who stepped up and played multiple roles to fill the gaps during these summer vacation days and member's heavy work schedules.  Next Thursday is the anniversary of the first moon landing by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Hope you can join us for what will surely be a lunar Toastmaster's meeting. Cheers!

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