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Friday, May 27, 2016

Toastmasters Recap 26 May 2016

Even though it was the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend, we had a pretty good turnout - 10 members and 1 new guest.  The Toastmaster, Jim Owens, started the meeting on time and reminded us about how important it was to take the time to honor our Veteran's this weekend.  He and his family have been attending the ceremonies in Roswell for several years and recommends to all since it's apparently the largest Memorial Day parade in Georgia. President, Michael McConnell, made an announcement about upcoming activities, one of which will be voting in a new slate of officers at a June meeting.
Steve Bragg was our Table Topics Master and as always, his thought provoking and current event questions related to a "School's Out For Summer" theme brought some amusing and close to edgy responses. Bud Otto won for Best Table Topic response, no doubt in part for his porta potty addendum.
Duane Humphrey gave an informational and impactful speech on how scary easy it is to steal someone's identity using an example of a waiter in a restaurant with desperate personal circumstances and how trusting them with our credit cards can and does lead to financial disaster. This was a project beyond the CC Manual which he has completed. Anastasia Pass offered him constructive feedback on the overall strengths of his presentation. It was so interesting that everyone was commenting on the 10 minutes flew by.
Catherine Lautenbacher gave her 4th speech in the CC Manual, "How To Say It" called The Hershel Walker Plan. It was about how the talented football pro, Herschel Walker, inspired her family to devise and complete a unique 365 pushup fitness plan and what they had to do to rise to the challenge even when on safari in Africa as well as on a plane. Crystal Reeves gave Catherine's performance a  very detailed and thoughtful evaluation.
Catherine won Best Speaker and Crystal won Best Evaluator.
As the General Evaluator, Karen Walker closed the meeting with an overall assessment of the meeting and all the roles.  If a grade was assigned, we would have gotten an "A". And the one guest enjoyed the meeting as well.
Other roles were Jan van Rensburg - Ti/V; Bud Otto - Gr/Ah Counter; Vanessa Lane presented the Joke of the Day and Anastasia Pass provided the Word of the Day, "milquetoast".  Meeting ended 15 minutes early.  Next meeting Thursday, June 2.

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