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Friday, April 8, 2016

4/7 Recap of Sandy Springs Toastmasters Meeting

Enough people for a Baker's Dozen showed up Thursday morning for Sandy Springs Toastmasters' first Speech Construction Meeting. The focus was on creation - since topic generation is often a stumbling block for speakers, both new and seasoned. The participants were clustered into 3 groups, each group comprised of new(er) to (more) experienced people.

The first half consisted of each group settling on a topic ... and writing a speech. The second half of the meeting featured a participant from each of the 3 groups delivering a 3 to 4 minute speech. After the speeches, other participants commented on the speech given by their group and some details about the process that they had just participated in.
    Jeremiah Jones -   Told us it was important to see their last game ... and all the memories involved ... of The Atlanta Braves... at the soon-to-be old stadium. Jeremiah brought intensity and passion.
    Vimal Zala -  Put the personal into the speech that asserted that attitude, at all times, makes a difference
to a person and to a team when it comes to performance. Vimal exploited  gestures and movement.
    Darbie Saunders -  Brought the audience in to the speech with give and take questions. She had us asking ourselves ... if work situations are not just right ... should I stay or should I go. Darbie demonstrated the bedrock necessity of structure in a speech.

*Tentative consensus: a good, even fun, thing to have done. Not every week though!


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