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Friday, March 11, 2016

3/10 Toastmasters Meeting Recap

(recap from --- 3/10 -- meeting)  

Bud Otto performed the TM duties for last week's meeting.

Steve Bragg led a very timely table topics session with debate style questions that addressed all the major issues being addressed by the political candidates.  Duane Humphrey won best response by sharing how he described wealth prosperity from a unique view point.

Chris Ashkouti provided coffee and orange juice for the break.

Two speeches from members entertained the members and guests. Phillip Knight gave a speech titled "All the time in the world" in which he gave a detailed history of the Count St. Germaine through an engaging storytelling approach.

Anastasia Pass gave a speech titled "Choices & Love" in which he also used a very animated storytelling approach about a key moment in her life that involved her father, a drivers license and a courthouse judge.

Anastasia won for best speech.

Thanks to the evaluators Duane Humphrey and Darbie Saunders for insightful feedback. Duane won for best evaluation.   

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