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Friday, November 14, 2014

Toastmasters Meeting Nov 20

The meeting this past Thursday (Nov-13) was
ably guided by first time TM Linda (Warren)
to a group just shy of a baker's dozen.

Taylor (Sterk) brought everyone in to the Table
Topics game with questions organized around
the march of the seasons to the new year. In a
true rarity, and thanks to entertaining answers!,
there was a 3 way tie for best table topics response.
A run-off between Linda (Warren) & Steve (Bragg)
& Tanisha (Adams) ultimately resulted in a winner.
(Steve by a narrow margin.)

Bob (Feldman) gave his first speech, the Ice Breaker,
and  talked eloquently and at times humorously about
his life travels and interests thus far.

Michael (McConnell) gave an evaluation of his speech.

Special thanks to Rion (Rizzo) for supplying the group
with two words for the day (don and doff)

Our last meeting for November is coming up, check schedule below:

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