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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Sandy Springs Toastmasters October 14, 2021, Meeting Recap and Roles for October 28, 2021

 Our next meeting will be on October 28th at 7 a.m. see Zoom link below. 

Sandy Springs Toastmasters met on October 14th at 7 a.m. on Zoom with eight members present.

 Bud Otto opened the meeting with Pledge of Allegiance followed by, This Day in History:

President Eisenhower was born in 1890 and became our 34th president after leading Allied Forces in Europe in WWII. 

·       Bud then turned the meeting over to our President, Morgan Henderson.  Morgan welcomed members and guests, and then introduced our Toastmaster of the day, Apoorva Salimath. Apoorva welcomed members and then reviewed meeting roles. 

·       Jim Owen gave the joke of the day, and Steve Bragg had the word of the day; Koanwhich means “a paradox to be meditated upon”. 

·       Morgan served as ah counter/grammarian and timer vote counter.

·       John Ross then led members in Table Topics on Life lessons:  How we learned from dangerous things we did.

·       Morgan Henderson and Crystal Reeves tied for best Table Topics.

·       Una Richardson gave her speech on “If It’s Not Clean, It’s Not Sterile” about the importance of ensuring sterile surgical instruments in the operating room. 

·       Bud gave the evaluation for her speech. The meeting was adjourned.

 Please confirm your roles for our October 28th meeting.

Toastmaster:   Bud Otto (confirmed)

Table Topics:    Mariam Oyedotun (confirmed)

TV:                      Anastasia Pass (please confirm)

Ah/Gr:                  Steve Bragg

Word:                   Una Richards

Speech:                Jim Owen (confirmed)

Speech:                Foluso Akerele (please confirm)

Evaluator:            John Ross

Evaluator:            Morgan Henderson


Zoom link to next meeting On October 28th at 7 a.m.

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Sandy Springs Toastmasters September 23, 2021, Meeting Recap and Roles for October 14, 2021

Our next meeting will be on October 14th at 7 a.m. see Zoom link below. 


  Sandy Springs Toastmasters met on Zoom with eleven members and four guests present. 

 Bud Otto, Sergeant at Arms, opened the meeting with the pledge of allegiance, and “This Day in History”.  He then turned the meeting over to our president, Morgan Henderson. 

 Morgan welcomed members and our guests, Nitin and Pooja Sandhu, and returning guests, Elliot Tobert, and God’s Plan. 

 Anastasia Pass gave the Joke of the Day about her getting into the wrong car.

Mariam Oyedotun provided the word of the day:   Celerity, meaning swiftness of movement, and Apoorva used it in the meeting.

Miriam also filled the role of Ah counter/Grammarian. 

 Una Richards, Table Topics Master, led the members in Table Topics with questions that had a positive message. Apoorva and Morgan tied for best table topics response.

·       Crystal Reeves gave a speech on how to make an important decision.  Apoorva followed with her evaluation.

·       Morgan then gave his speech on how he kept himself amused while playing the drums in a marching band.  Jim Owen gave his evaluation. 

·       Morgan won best speech. 

·       Apoorva won Best Evaluator


Please confirm your roles for the October 14th meeting. 

Toastmaster:     Apoorva Salimath  (confirmed)

Table Topics:         Foluso Akerele  (please confirm)


Speech:                Una Richards      (Confirmed)


Speech:                Jim Owen   (confirmed)


Evaluator:            Anastasia Pass  (confirmed)


Evaluator:            Bud Otto (confirmed)


T/VC                      Morgan Henderson (confirmed)

 Word:                   Open