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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Sandy Springs Toastmasters December 3rd, 2020 Meeting Recap and Meetings Roles for December 17th, 2020.


Currently, all meetings are held virtually via ZOOM. 

Sandy Springs Toastmasters Next meeting on Zoom is at 7 a.m. December 17th, 2020.


Please confirm your roles for the December 17th meeting if you have not already done so.


The Sandy Springs Toastmasters met at 7:00 am on Zoom December 3rd with nine members and two guests present.


Bud Otto, Sergeant at Arms, opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance, and introduced Una Richards, our president.  She welcomed members and

introduced our visitors, Kevin Albright and Jerry Johnson. 


She also welcomed our newest member, Morgan Henderson.  Welcome Morgan!


 Una then turned the meeting over to our Toastmaster of the day, Apoorva Salimath.


 Una, was Ah counter/grammarian, also gave us the word of the day: ANOMALOUS – meaning deviating from what is standard or normal.


Jim Owen served as Timer/Vote Counter.


Apoorva then introduced our Table Topics leader, Errington Watkins. He presented Table Topics with questions about what was “the worst”. 

Our visitor, Jerry Johnson, won Best Table Topic response for his answer on something that is now classy that used to be trashy. His response was about the dance craze, twerking.


Long-time member, Colbi Ellison, presented his speech on why he loves Sandy Springs Toastmasters and how it has helped him go from “Free to Pay”. 

He gave pointers and insight on expanding one’s speaking skills so that you can get paid for speaking.   Bud gave his evaluation.



 Roles for Next Meeting:  December 17th

 Toastmaster:               Andy Kallenberg  (please confirm)

 Table Topics:              Anastasia Pass (please confirm)

Ah/ Grammarian:        Sam Gadesbush (please confirm)

Word of the Day:        Errington Watkins (Confirmed)

T/V:                            Steve Bragg (please confirm)

Speech:                     Jim Owen (confirmed)

Speech:                        Morgan Henderson (confirmed)

 Evaluator:                    Riquet Caballero (please confirm)

Evaluator:                    Crystal Reeves (confirmed) 

 Our next meeting will be held on: December 17th, 7 am on Zoom.  See you then!

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