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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Sandy Springs Toastmasters August 27th Meeting Recap and Meetings Roles for September 10, 2020

 All meetings will be held biweekly every 2nd & 4th Thursday via Zoom at 7AM.


Zoom link:

Next meeting is September 10, 2020, 7AM

 Bud Otto, Sergeant at Arms, opened the 8/27 meeting with the pledge of allegiance, and then introduced our president and Toastmaster of the day, Una Richards. Ten members were present.

Una introduced our guests Katherine Vega, a Toastmaster from District 44 club, and Zachary, a second time visitor.

Riquet Gaballero provided the word of the day “Irreversible” meaning not able to be undone or altered. 

Andy served as Ah counter/Grammarian. 

 After brief announcements, Una turned the meeting over to our table topics master, Bud Otto.  His Table Topic theme was Family.

Best Table Topic went to Apporva

Errington was our speaker for the day and gave a 5-7minute speech on his home and family in the Bahamas.

Una gave an insightful evaluation.

In closing the meeting, Una reminded members to enter their activities information into Pathways. 

Next meeting date September 10, 2020

Toastmaster:  Riquet Gaballero-Confirmed

Table Topics:  Andy Kallenberg

Speech 1:   Sam-Confirmed

Speech 2: Una Richards Confirmed

Evaluators: Bud Otto-Confirmed

Evaluator: Errington Watkin-Confirmed

Timer:   Open

Ah/Gramarian Open

Word:  Magdalena Raj

Joke:   Open

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