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Friday, July 31, 2020

Sandy Springs Toastmasters July 30th Meeting Recap and Meetings Roles for August 13, 2020

All meetings will be held via Zoom going forward biweekly.


The link is:


Next meeting date August 13, 2020


Our Sergeant-Arms, Bud Otto, called the meeting to order with the pledge of allegiance. Una Richards, our club president, gave opening remarks and welcomed our guest Apoorva.


Misty Olive served as Toastmaster. Sam Gadebusch served as Table Topics Master and asked thought-provoking questions like what impact do you want to leave, etc.


Bud Otto gave an impromptu speech titled “Super Size Me” about the documentary film that follows a man’s journey during which he ate only McDonald's food and the effects.


Una and Crystal mentioned the upcoming area humorous contest if anyone is interested. They will be providing more information later.


Crystal went over the roles for our next meeting on August 13.


Next meeting’s roles:

Toastmaster: Jim Owen - confirmed

Table Topics:  Anastasia Pass - confirmed

Speaker: Una Richards- confirmed

Speaker: Steve Bragg – confirmed

Evaluator: Sam Gadebusch – confirmed

Evaluator: Misty Olive / Group evaluation if Misty can’t attend

Ah/Gr: Open

Ti/V: Riquet Caballero

Word: Open

Joke: Open

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