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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

May 7th Meeting

Hello All:
Hoping that everyone is doing great and staying healthy!.  This is just a quick reminder that we will NOT be having a virtual meeting this week.  Our next virtual meeting will be Thursday, May 7th.  Please see the list of roles and if you are good with filling an OPEN role, send a text or email to one of the officers or the Toastmaster for May 7, Anastasia Pass. During our virtual meetings, it has been a challenge to vote for Best Table Topics, Best Speaker and Best Evaluator.  Here's a possible solution.  At the beginning of the virtual meeting, the Timer/Vote Counter will post their cell phone number to each attendee.  That number will be used to text their votes for TT, Speaker and Evaluator.  If anyone has a better idea, please let us know.  Otherwise, we will try to start implementing this at our May 7th meeting.  Also, please think about how you can contribute your time and talents to continuing this wonderful force called Sandy Springs Toastmasters by stepping up to an officer role!  If you have any questions, we invite you to reach out to any of the current or past officers.

5/7 Confirmed and Open Meeting Roles
TM - Anastasia Pass - Confirmed
TT - Jimmy Sidor - Confirmed
Speakers:  Una Richards - Confirmed - 10 minutes; Bud Otto - Confirmed
Evaluators: Magdalena Raj -Confimed;  one Eval OPEN
Ah/Gr: Crystal Reeves - Confirmed
Word: Riquet Caballero - Confirmed
Joke: OPEN

Pray you all have a fabulous week and looking forward to "seeing" everyone next week.  BTW, May 7th is also the National Day of Prayer and for sure we all need that!


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