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Friday, September 6, 2019

Sandy Springs Toastmasters Sept 5, 2019 Meeting Recap and Roles for Sept 12

Sergeant at Arms, Bud Otto, called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Una Richards, Club President, gave opening remarks and reminded us that dues are being collected this month.

Member Anastasia Pass had a quick announcement. She is talking with the retirement center where we host our meetings about starting a "living history" Table Topics group. The idea came from the August issue of the Toastmasters Magazine. She needs our help with initial topics. If everyone could please send her a question that you might ask your parents and/or grandparents about their history, it will be very appreciated.

Toastmaster for the day, Misty Olive, led us through the meeting.

Jim Owen was Table Topics Master and focused the questions on labor, i.e., jobs you loved/hated.

Kurt Hirshman, our newest member, delivered his ice breaker speech and Colbi Ellison gave a speech on “He Got Game”, reminding us that doing little things matter in life and don’t ever quit.

Andy Kallenberg, Vice President of Education reviewed roles for next week’s meeting.

September 12 roles:
Toastmaster:  Magdalena Raj - confirmed
Table Topics Master: Bud Otto - confirmed
Speaker 1: Andy Kallenberg - confirmed
Speaker 2: Jim Owen  - confirmed
Evaluator 1: Paige Kerr -confirmed
Evaluator 2: Una Richards - confirmed
Ah/Gr: Misty Olive - confirmed
Ti/V: Kurt Hirshman
Word: Rob Kaercher
Joke: Jimmy Sidol

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