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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Sandy Springs Toastmasters Meeting Recap for 7/11/19 & Roles for 7/18/19

Bud Otto called the meeting to order. 
Una Richards, the new club President gave a few announcements. She thanked past officers and welcomed the new and returning officers.
Our Toastmaster, Rob Kaercher, led us through the meeting and kept us on track.
Table Topics Master, Bud Otto asked some thought provoking questions like why we say 4th of July instead of Independence Day.  Wright Paulk gave a speech on “How I met my girlfriend”. Jim Owens gave an impromptu speech on “The Varsity: Whaddya have, whaddya have”.

Una Richards reminded the new officers to sign up for the training on July 20. Vice-President of Education, Andy Kallenberg reviewed the roles for next week’s meeting.

Next week’s roles:
Toastmaster: Crystal Reeves - confirmed
Table Topics Master: Steve Bragg
Speaker 1: Una Richards - confirmed
Speaker 2: Magdalena Raj - confirmed
Evaluator 1: Errington Watkins - confirmed
Evaluator 2: Wright Paulk  confirmed
Ah/Gr: Open
Ti/V: Open
Word: Open
Joke: Open

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