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Monday, May 20, 2019

The Sandy Springs Toastmasters Meeting Recap 05/16/19

Hello Sandy Springs Toastmasters! A few announcements before the recap:

Parking at Campbell-Stone: It is ok to park in both Resident AND Visitor parking but NOT spaces marked RESERVED! We are officially seeking a new location for our club meetings!

The month of June is officer election month with a formal change over July 1. Be thinking about filling an officer role!

Sandy Springs Toastmasters 05/16/19 Meeting Recap

Bud Otto called the meeting to order with the pledge of allegiance and gave opening remarks. We had 9 members in attendance.

Etsehiwot Ezra, the Toastmaster of the Day who also happened to be the only female in attendance for this meeting quickly filled the roles and gave the Word of the Day. Sinew- The source of strength, power, or vigor.

Etsehiwot then turned the meeting over to the Toastmaster of the day, Andy Kallenberg.  Andy had prepared a fun set of questions. His theme for his was “Good news, bad news- How to spin bad news into good news”. He definitely had us thinking on our feet. Andy had us answer questions like “You’re calling a friend and you need to borrow 500 bucks. What do you say?” and “After a crazy night out in Las Vegas, you find yourself in jail. You need to call and ask your family members for bail money. What do you say?” Wright Paulk won Best Table Topics Answer.

The group took a brief break then reconvened. Wright gave a heartfelt speech about how he made a goal to walk at his daughter’s wedding and how he was able to achieve it. His speech was titled “7 steps of goal setting”. Bud gave an insightful evaluation of Wright’s speech.

Wright won Best Speaker and Bud won Best Evaluator.

Etsehiwot went over next week’s schedule. The meeting was adjourned.


  • Toastmaster: Jim Owen -confirmed
  • Table Topics Master: Errington Watkins -confirmed
  • Speaker 1: Paige Kerr
  • Speaker 2: Colbi Ellison –confirmed
  • Evaluator 1: Magdalena Raj –confirmed
  • Evaluator 2: Etsehiwot Ezra –confirmed
  • Ah/Gr: Rob Kaercher –confirmed
  • Ti/V: Anastasia Pass –confirmed
  • Word: Open
  • Joke: Open

See you all on Thursday, Toasties!

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