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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Sandy Springs Toastmasters 5/23/19 Meeting Highlights & Roles for 5/30/19

Good news about the parking situation! Parking is available to us again in the 270 Carpenter Drive lot! We can all thank member Carlos Fuentes for helping make this happen!

We also can use the Campbell-Stone parking lot in both the Resident AND Visitor parking but NOT spaces marked RESERVED!

Meeting Highlights
Highlights from today’s meeting included one of our newest members, Errington Watkins acting as Table Topics Master role for the first time. Errington posed a number of great questions because “inquiring minds want to know”!

Other highlights included two great impromptu speeches from Mitch Reiner and Colbi Ellison. Both provided inspiring messages. Mitch talked about values and purpose, both personal and professional. Colbi is working on his “signature speech", emphasizing that it’s always right to “start now” and that “done is better than perfect”.

Next week’s roles:
·                     Toastmaster: Mitch Reiner -confirmed
·                     Table Topics Master: Carlos Fuentesneed confirmation
·                     Speaker 1: Rob Kaercher - confirmed
·                     Speaker 2: Errington Watkins –confirmed
·                     Evaluator 1: Magdalena Raj –confirmed
·                     Evaluator 2: Wright Paulk –confirmed
·                     Ah/Gr: Open
·                     Ti/V: Open
·                     Word: Open
·                     Joke: Open

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