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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Sandy Springs Toastmasters March 7, 2019 Meeting Recap & Roles for March 14

Hello Sandy Springs Toastmasters! Two announcements before the recap:

Pay dues by March 31!

Parking at Campbell-Stone: It is ok to park in both Resident AND Visitor parking but NOT spaces marked RESERVED! We are working on formal permission to park in the lot next to the Campbell-Stone parking lot.

Sandy Springs Toastmasters 03/0719 Meeting Recap

Bud Otto, our Sergeant At Arms, started the meeting promptly at 7:00 am with the Pledge of Allegiance.

President Paige Kerr welcomed all our guests – two new and two returning. She reminded everyone that dues are due by March 31! She then turned the meeting over to this week’s Toastmaster, Magdalena Raj.  

Magdalena quickly filled the remaining roles.

Anastasia gave Word of the Day. Feisty: Energetic, aggressive go-getter, hearty.

Paige Kerr filled the last-minute open role of Table Topics Master. Paige called upon members to answer a question about a question. Examples included: What one question do you ask as a conversation starter and why? What one question would you ask a young person still in school that would make them think and why? One of our returning guests won for his humorous answer to: What one question do people ask you that makes your roll your eyes?

The group took a brief break then reconvened. Una Richards delivered a speech for Project 7: Research your topic called “Take Care of Your Colon”. Una’s long career in healthcare was showcased in this interesting and informative speech. Paige evaluated Una’s speech. 

Una Richards, Vice President of Education reviewed the upcoming week’s roles and the meeting was adjourned two minutes early!

See you all on Thursday, Toasties!

·       Toastmaster: Una Richards - confirmed
·       Table Topics Master: David Kulze
·       Speaker 1: Paige Kerr - confirmed
·       Speaker 2: Bud Otto - confirmed
·       Evaluator 1: Jim Owen
·       Evaluator 2: Open
·       Ah/Gr: Wright Paulk
·       Ti/V: Michael Lee
·       Word: Open
·       Joke: Anastasia Pass

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