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Thursday, March 28, 2019

March 28 Meeting Recap and Roles for April 4 Meeting

Dues are due by March 31!

Parking at Campbell-Stone: It is ok to park in both Resident AND Visitor parking but NOT spaces marked RESERVED! We are officially seeking a new location for our club meetings!

The month of June is officer election month with a formal change over July 1. Be thinking about filling an officer role!

March 28, 2019 Meeting Recap and Role Assignments for April 4
Sergeant-at-arms, Bud Otto was out of town this week. Jim Owen, Vice-President of Membership as well as Secretary, called the meeting to order at 7:10 AM.
Paige Kerr, President, reminded members of dues, parking and how close we are to achieving Distinguished Club status. Members were encouraged to review their manuals to make sure they have recorded their activities AND let our Vice President of Education, Una Richards, know.

Andy Kallenberg served as Toastmaster of the Day – his first time as TM -- and he assigned all the remaining roles. 

Steve Bragg gave the word for the day: obsequious, an adjective meaning fawning attentiveness.

Andy turned the meeting over to the Table Topics Master for the day, Crystal Reeves. Crystal offered members and guests a twist to Table Topics by delivering the last line of our answer; we had to fill in what led to that last line. For example, members were given lines such as: “And that’s why I never borrow anyone’s car”; “That’s why I married my spouse”; and “That’s why my friends envy me”. Carlos won for his funny story that ended with “That’s how I ended up with two dates in one night.”

After the break, Paige introduced Una who delivered project #10 Inspire your Audience. And, inspire she did! In her speech entitled, What goes up must come down: celebrate with balloons, Una integrated the fact that it was her birthday into a very educational speech about the impact of balloons on our environment. Una went all out with balloons as props, along with pastries and coffee for the group to help her celebrate her birthday! 

Paige evaluated Una giving her a “perfect 10” noting that her delivery, pacing, construction and choice of topic were excellent. Una also skillfully incorporated some of the table topics answers from earlier in the meeting into her speech!

Andy evaluated the meeting and Una reviewed the roles for next week.

Roles for April 4
Toastmaster: Paige Kerr - confirmed
Table Topics Master: OPEN
Speaker 1: Magdalena Raj - confirmed
Speaker 2: OPEN – options include Jeanne McDaniel, Ralston Medouze, Wright Paulk, Jim Owen
Evaluator 1: OPEN
Evaluator 2: Open
Ah/Gr: Crystal Reeves - confirmed
Ti/V: Open
Word: Open

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