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Thursday, March 21, 2019

March 21, 2019 Meeting Recap and Role Assignments for March 28

Dues are due by March 31!

Parking at Campbell-Stone: It is ok to park in both Resident AND Visitor parking but NOT spaces marked RESERVED! We are officially seeking a new location for our club meetings!

The month of June is officer election month with a formal change over July 1. Be thinking about filling an officer role!

March 21, 2019 Meeting Recap and Role Assignments for March 28

Sergeant-at-arms, Bud Otto was out of town this week. Jim Owen, Vice-President of Membership as well as Secretary, served as Toastmaster for the day calling the meeting to order at 7 AM.

Paige Kerr, President, introduced our guest speaker, Addison Greenberg. Thirteen years old, she won the first round of the Optimist Oratorical contest held two weeks ago. Paige Kerr and Crystal Reeves were judges at this event. Addison won this same contest two years ago and presented to our club at that time as well. Addison delivered her powerful speech: Is there a fine line between optimism and reality? Addison was open to group feedback. Members applauded her speech construction and passion and counseled her on pace and pitch. Overall, the speech received very high marks!

Jim Owen then led us through our normal agenda. 

Paige made additional comments noting that our Vice President of Education, Una Richards has been carefully tracking our activities; we are very close to achieving Distinguished Club status. Paige also reminded everyone to pay dues by March 31. Finally, Paige told members that the parking lot adjacent to Campbell-Stone is not open to us; she has been working with property management but they would not budge as they have added tenants that need the parking. We are officially looking for a new space. Paige has been working the options. Should you have an idea, please contact Paige at 704.995.6695.

Jim assigned all the remaining roles. 

Magdalena Raj gave the word for the day: mellifluous meaning a sound that is sweet and smooth and pleasant to hear.

Jim turned over to the Table Topics Master for the day, Wright Paulk. Wright had a wide variety of interesting questions and his humor added to the fun session. Questions included: If offered, would you choose peanut butter crackers or filet mignon? Are you looking forward to football season? And, what do you think about the 1% tax for future transportation that was recently rejected? Alan McGee won with his answer about his best source of news: yahoo and Note to all: these Clemson fans are nuts!

After the break, Crystal Reeves introduced Alan McGee who delivered an impromptu speech about interviewing for a job with five easy steps to take that would guarantee success. Alan had fun with the group role playing as leader of a seminar session and members were “paying” seminar attendees.  Crystal provided an evaluation of Alan’s speech.

The roles for next week were reviewed and the meeting was adjourned.

Roles for March 28
Toastmaster: Andy Kallenberg - confirmed
Table Topics Master: Crystal Reeves - confirmed
Speaker 1: Magdalena Raj - confirmed
Speaker 2: Una Richards - confirmed
Evaluator 1: Paige Kerr - confirmed
Evaluator 2: Open
Ah/Gr: Jim Owen - confirmed
Ti/V: Open
Word: Open
Joke: Open

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