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Monday, January 21, 2019

The Sandy Springs Toastmasters 01/17/19 recap and 01/24/19 roles

Hello Sandy Springs Toastmasters! Hope you had a great weekend! Big announcement before the recap:

The Sandy Springs Toastmasters Club will be hosting its first Table Topics Contest this coming Thursday 01/24/2018!

This upcoming meeting will be a little different. It will be a two part meeting. First part will be our regular meeting where we will have Table Topics with all members and guests participating. We’ll take a brief break and move on to the second part of the meeting where we will be holding The Table Topics Contest where members only participate. Due to the Table Topics Contest, there will not be any prepared speeches.

  • Toasties, if you’re still on the fence about helping out, signing up for one of the contest roles (does not include Word of the day and Ah/Gr) and it will count towards your organization and delegation section in your Competent Leader manual. Great way to get credit and advance in your Toastmasters career and get closer to getting your CL! So…sign on up J
Sandy Springs Toastmasters 01/17/19 Meeting Recap

The meeting started promptly at 7 am with Bud Otto, our Sergeant At Arms, calling the meeting to order with the pledge of allegiance. We had 15 people in attendance, 14 members and 1 guest.

Our club President, Paige Kerr, gave opening remarks and welcomed our guest Saila. Saila told us that she is currently a housewife and the reason she’s attending our meeting is that she will be looking for a job soon and wanted to develop her communication skills. As we all know, Toastmaster is a great place to start your self-development journey especially if you want to work on your communication skills. Thanks for visiting our Club, Saila!  

Ralston Medouze, the Toastmaster of the day, took over the meeting. He proceeded to fill the roles.

Steve Bragg gave the Word of the Day. Jejune- Devoid of any interest or significance. “Please don’t make your speech jejune.”

Ralston then called the Table Topics Master of the day, Magdalena Raj, to the podium. Magdalena had prepared a fun set of questions for us revolving around childhood theme parks. Carlos Fuentes won Best Table Topics Answer.

The group took a brief coffee break then reconvened. We had two scheduled speakers for the day, Wright Paulk and Jim Owen. Wright is a resident of Campbell Stone and had been attending our meetings for a while. He finally joined our club a couple of months ago and this speech was his Icebreaker. Wright’s icebreaker was titled “Mr. Wright’s Life”. It was so nice to learn about Wright’s life story and why his favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz. Una Richards gave an astute evaluation of Wright’s speech. Our second speaker, Jim, gave a speech titled “7 things not to do in an interview”. As usual, Jim gave an entertaining and a very informative speech. Anastasia gave an insightful evaluation of Jim’s speech.

Jim won Best Speaker and Una won Best Evaluator.

Our Vice President of Education, Una, went over next week’s schedule then the meeting was adjourned.

  • Sergeant At Arms: Bud Otto
  • Toastmaster: Crystal Reeves- Confirmed
  • Table Topics Master: Etsehiwot Ezra- Confirmed
  • Chief Judge: Una Richards- Confirmed
  • Vote Counter 1: Open
  • Vote Counter 2: Open
  • Table Topics Contestant 1: Carlos Fuentes
  • Table Topics Contestant 2,3, 4,…: Open
  • Voting Judge: Rowen Andrades
  • Voting Judges 2,3,4,…: Open
  • Ah/Gr: Anastasia Pass- Confirmed
  • Ti/V: Open
  • Word: Open

Have a great week Toasties! 

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