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Monday, October 29, 2018

Sandy Springs Toastmasters 10/25/18 Meeting Recap and 11/01/18 Meeting Roles

Hello, Sandy Springs Toastmasters!

Sandy Springs Toastmasters 10/25/18 Meeting Recap

Our Sergeant at Arms, Bud Otto, called the meeting to order with the pledge of allegiance.

Etsehiwot Ezra, our club secretary, gave opening remarks then turned the meeting over to the Toastmaster of the day, Magdalena Raj.

“Curiosity” was Magdalena’s theme of the day. Why do we, as adults, short circuit curiosity? Sometimes, in our busy lives, when we go through a certain situation, we tend to skip the curiosity part and jump straight to the conclusions. Magdalena advised us that the next time we go through some sort of ordeal; we spend some time dwelling in curiosity exploring the possible reasons and outcomes before we jump to a conclusion. Because who knows, if we dwell in curiosity enough, the outcome is probably going to be different or our understanding of the situation might end up being different. For this reason, Magdalena urged us to ponder over this thought throughout the rest of the meeting.

Word of the day was given by Carlos Fuentes. Zonked- Exhausted. “I went to CrossFit last week and I feel very zonked!”

Magdalena called the Table Topics Master of the day, Anastasia Pass, to the podium. Anastasia gave a warm welcome to our guests Ankit Patel and Abhishek Kolunguri before she proceeded to ask her table topics questions. The thought-provoking questions for the table topics came from a book Anastasia’s grandchildren owned. Anastasia would present a fact then ask a question based on that particular information. For example, on one of her questions, she told us that we had 52 bones in our bodies! Then she proceeded to ask Jim Owen whether he’d like a foot massage or a facial. To which Jim replied, as long as Bubba is not doing his feet, he’d rather have a foot massage. The winner of the Table Topics portion of the meeting, however, was Carlos. He was presented with the fact that using a dishwasher can cause children to have allergies. He then was asked if he’d rather wash the dishes by hand or use the dishwasher. To which he responded he’d rather wash the dishes by hand because washing by hand exposes kids to bacteria early, therefore, they won’t get sick in the future.

The group took a brief coffee break then reconvened after a few minutes. Jim Owen was our speaker for the day. His speech was titled “Animal Lovers”. Jim, as always, gave us a fun and entertaining speech. He talked about his love for pets, his love for his two dogs- Gracie and Bella, and gave us facts and statistics about pets. Sharon Reid gave an astute evaluation of Jim’s speech.

Jim won Best Speaker and Sharon won Best Evaluator.

Una Richards, our Vice President of Education, went over next week’s roles then the meeting was adjourned.

  • Toastmaster: Sharon Reid
  • Table Topics: Bud Otto
  • Speaker 1: Etsehiwot Ezra
  • Speaker 2: Una Richards
  • Evaluator 1: Paige Kerr
  • Evaluator 2: Open
  • Ah/Gr: Crystal Reeves
  • Ti/V: Open
  • Word: Open
  • Joke: Una Richards

Have a great week! See y’all on Thursday!  

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