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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Sandy Springs Toastmasters Oct 4 Assignments & Sept 27 Recap

Oct 4 Assignments
Please confirm your role by emailing next week's Toastmaster, Etsehiwot Ezra at

Toastmaster: Etsehiwot "E" Ezra
Table Topics: Alan Magee
Speakers: Paige Kerr, Magdalena Raj
Evaluators: Ralston Medouze, Una Richards
Word: Carlos Fuentes
Timer: Sharon Reid
Joke/funny story: OPEN

Sept 27 Meeting Recap
Long-time member and Sergeant at Arms, Bud Otto played double duty this week by performing the Toastmaster role as well. 

President Paige Kerr noted that membership renewals are due by Oct 1. These can be paid online via or by providing a check to Secretary, Jim Owen or any club officer. Please renew promptly! Membership is an important goal in order to achieve Distinguished Club Program status plus a good-sized group means we all benefit from the input of many varied perspectives.

Word of the day was provided by another long-time member, Steve Bragg. The word was "canard" meaning fabricated report or rumor. 

Una Richards, our VP of Educatiion, took on the role of Table Topics Master, leveraging the "grab bag" of Table Topics question from our handy file box of Toastmaster tools. This works well in a pinch when there are competing priorities in our lives as Una experienced this week! Una chose great questions that did not diminish our experience. They included what movie character is most like you, what birthdate you most anticipated and why, the best piece of advice you ever received or have given and many more. Millicent St. Claire won for her response to what the theme of her paintings would be if she were a professional artist. 

Millicent, a member since August of this year, was also the speaker for today delivering her icebreaker (project 1). Her speech was about the three things we gain from learning and she shared her love for reading. In one humorous example, she dubbed herself "runaway reader", describing how her 10-year old self ran away from home but not without packing many of her favorite books! Paige Kerr and Crystal Reeves both provided formal evaluations of Millicent's speech.

Magdalena Raj provided the Grammarian report. Una reviewed roles for next week and Bud adjourned the meeting on time! 

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