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Monday, September 10, 2018

Sandy Springs Toastmasters 09/06 Meeting Recap and 09/13 Meeting Roles

Hello fellow toastmasters!

A few important announcements from our VPE:

1.      Our district’s pathways guide will be visiting our club on September 20th to give us an overview of Pathways. If there is any possible way that you can attend that meeting, we highly recommend you do so because it will be extremely beneficial to your success with Toastmasters.
2.      Members are strongly encouraged to log into the toastmasters website and take the pathways self-assessment as well as watch the videos explaining what pathways is and how it works prior to our Pathways Guide’s visit.
3.      If you have specific questions regarding pathways after having taken the online self-assessment and would like more information, please reach out to Una as soon as possible. She will relay your concerns to the pathways guide so that he/she can include and personalize his/her presentation towards our club’s questions and concerns.

Sandy Springs Toastmasters Meeting Recap for 9/06/18:

Bud Otto, our Sergeant of Arms, called the meeting to order with the pledge of allegiance. We had 16 people in attendance- 13 members and 2 guests.

Paige Kerr, our club president, gave opening remarks and welcomed our guests Carlos, Sammy, and Wright to our club. Paige then called Anastasia Pass, the Toastmaster of the day, to the podium.

Anastasia reviewed and filled the roles. Millicent St. Claire gave the word of the day. Tolerance- The ability or willingness to tolerate something that does not align with one’s own values.

Anastasia called the Table Topics Master of the day, Jim Owen, to the podium. Jim had prepared a jeopardy style Table Topics based on famous quotes. Whoever was called to the podium to answer Jim’s question had to first choose a category from the following topics, entrepreneurs, Disney, historical figures, silver screen, and creative writing. Next, Jim gave that person a quote from the chosen category and asked the participant to explain the meaning of the quote. Jim had a set of fun and entertaining set of quotes. Sharon Reid won best Table Topics. Sharon’s chosen category was creative writing and the quote she was given was by J.K. Rawling “Rock bottom became the solid foundation to which I rebuilt my life”. Sharon explained that rock bottom can be an absolute great place to learn a lesson because the only way back is up. This in turns can be a great foundation upon which one builds his/her life.

The group took a brief break and reconvened. We had two speakers, Ralston Medouze and Anastasia Pass. Ralston gave a very informative speech titled “3 tips to taking better pictures.” He told us how keeping it simple, paying attention to where the light is and framing can help us be better at picture taking. Crystal Reeves gave a very astute evaluation of Ralston’s speech. Anastasia’s speech was impromptu. She will be giving a toast speech at her 50th high school reunion and wanted to practice her rough draft in front of our club. Her speech was short and sweet. The entire group gave Anastasia insightful feedback. 

Ralston won Best Speech and Crystal won Best Evaluator.

The meeting was adjourned.

Roles For 09/13 Meeting:

  • Toastmaster: Una Richards
  • Table Topics: Duane Humphrey
  • Speaker 1: Paige Kerr
  • Speaker 2: Jim Owen
  • Speaker 3: David Kulze
  • Evaluator 1: Chris Ashkouti
  • Evaluator 2: Open
  • Evaluator 3: Open
  • Ah/Gr: Ralston Medouze
  • Ti/V: Open
  • Word: Magdalena Raj
  • Joke: Open

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