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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Important Club Announcements And Roles For 09/20

Hello fellow toastmasters! Please sign up for the roles listed for 09/20/2018 by Sunday afternoon 09/16/2018.

Important club announcements:
1.      Our district’s pathways guide will be visiting our club on September 20th - this coming Thursday- to give us an overview of Pathways. If there is any possible way that you can attend that meeting, we highly recommend you do so because it will be extremely beneficial to your success with Toastmasters.
2.      Members are strongly encouraged to log into the Toastmasters website and take the pathways self-assessment as well as watch the videos explaining what pathways is and how it works prior to our Pathways Guide’s visit.
3.      If you have specific questions regarding pathways after having taken the online self-assessment and would like more information, please reach out to Una as soon as possible. She will relay your concerns to the pathways guide so that he/she can include and personalize his/her presentation towards our club’s questions and concerns.

4.      If it is possible, please bring your laptops to the meeting so you can follow the guide as they navigate through the website.

5.      REMINDER: Toastmasters membership fees are due by October 1st, 2018 for the 10/01/2018 through 03/31/19 session. The dues are $51.00 ($45.00 goes to Toastmasters International and $6.00 comes to our local club). Please use the link Speak Up! SandySprings Toastmasters to pay by credit card or your Paypal account or pay by check to one of the Sandy Springs officers. Please let our club treasurer Jim Owen know if you have any questions. Thank you.

There will not be any scheduled speeches for this meeting because the pathways presentation and the question and answer portion at the end of the presentation will take up most of the meeting time.

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