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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Sandy Springs 7/26 Toastmasters Meeting Recap and August 2nd Roles

Sandy Springs Toastmasters Meeting Recap for 7/26/18

Bud Otto, our Sergeant-at-Arms, called the meeting to order with the pledge of allegiance. Bud
then mentioned two dates and told us two historical facts about those dates. The first date,
July 26th, 1775, the United States Postal Service was established. The second date, August 18th,
1920 the 19th amendment to the United States Constitution granting women the right to vote was

Paige Kerr, our club president, gave opening remarks and welcomed our returning guest
Duane Humphrey. Everyone was excited to see Duane starting to attend our meetings regularly
as he used to be a member of our club and will be joining again soon. Paige turned the meeting
over to Jim Owen, the toastmaster of the day.

Jim Owen, the toastmaster, called on Magdalena Raj, one of our new members, to give us the
word of the day: Equanimity- Mental calmness or composure. Magdalena used the word in a
sentence as “It is becoming incredibly hard to hear, or watch the news with equanimity.”

Jim turned the meeting over to Crystal Reeves, the table topics master of the day.
Crystal’s theme for the day was “vacation”. Her questions ranged from “Where are we going?”
to “What interesting person would you like to meet”. Sharon Reid won Best Table Topics with
her answer to the question “What souvenir would you bring back from this trip?”.
She answered “Coconut handbag, Coconutkeychainn, and shot glasses.”

The group took a quick break and reconvened a few minutes later. We had two speakers,
Etsehiwot Ezra and Paige Kerr. Etsehiwot went first. She gave her first pathways speech
from the Effective coaching path. It was an icebreaker speech titled “My Culture”. She talked
about her three favorite things about the Ethiopian Culture: the food, the dances, and the celebrations.

Paige gave her 10th speech from the Competent Communicator manual. Her speech touched
on the responsibilities of the president but mainly focused on the goals of the members and
potential members. Paige won Best Speaker.

Bud evaluated Etsehiwot and Una evaluated Paige. Bud won Best Evaluator.

Una Richards, Vice President Of Education, went over next week’s schedule.

Jim evaluated the meeting and the meeting was adjourned.

Roles for 08/02/2018:
·         Sargeant at Arms: Bud Otto
·         Toastmaster: David Kulze
·         Table Topics: Etsehiwot Ezra
·         Speaker 1: Anastasia Pass
·         Speaker 2: Phillip Knight
·         Ah/Gr: Open
·         Ti/V: Sharon Reid
·         Word: Paige Kerr
·         Joke: Open

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