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Friday, June 8, 2018

Sandy Springs 6/7 Toastmasters Meeting Recap and 6/14 Roles

Please review the roles below and respond to all no later than Sunday night, June 10, to confirm your availability.  Also, if you’d like to make a speech in the next few weeks, please let Anastasia Pass know what date.  NOTE:  Important message for you to read at end of the recap.  Have a great week!
June 14 Roles:
TM – Bud Otto
TT – Crystal Reeves
Speakers – Chris Ashkouti, David Kulze, Una Richards
Evaluators – Paige Kerr, Jim Owen
Word – Alan Magee
Joke – Steve Bragg
Ah/Gr – OPEN
Ti/V – Tom Mills
Scribe – E Ezra
June 7 Recap:
After SAA, Bud Otto, opened the meeting with our traditional Pledge of Allegiance, our President, Anastasia Pass, held the elections for the new slate of officers who will be officially installed at the July 12th meeting.  Huge thanks to all the members who even considered accepting the challenge to take on leadership roles with our Club.  Congratulations to our new Sandy Springs Toastmasters 2018-19 Officers:
President: Paige Kerr
VP of Education: Una Richards
VP of Public Relations: Ralston Medouze (2nd Term)
Treasurer: Jim Owens (11th Term!)
Sergeant-At-Arms: Bud Otto (9th+ Term!)
Secretary: E Ezra
VP of Membership: No one member but rather all of us will fill this role!
After elections, Toastmaster of the Day, Paige Kerr, received applause for her new role and set the theme of the meeting. Bud’s Word was “galoot” (several members used so you try it!) and Tom Mills presented a timely World Cup soccer job.  Paige then introduced Jim Owens to lead Table Topics.  Jim challenged all members to a series of questions related to movies, such as our favorite all-time movie, favorite comedy, how we handle phone users at the movies, tavern theaters or not, etc.  Una Richards won Best Table Topics for the story she shared of how growing up in Jamaica her grandmother thought movies were the work of the devil. So she and her friends would sneak out whenever they could to watch a movie sitting on benches in a small, humble venue. That experience made her thrilled to come to America and whenever she wanted, spend an entire day in a theater with huge screens watching back to back to back movies.
E Ezra, the first of two speakers, gave her 3rd speech which was working on getting to the point.  The title of her speech was “Back Pain? Check the Position of your Pelvis”.  She explained the bad news and good news about back pain caused by sitting for long periods of time. Then E used her Crossfit training expertise to demonstrate exercises and stretches that can help alleviate hip flexor tightness.  Anastasia Pass gave her high fives for covering her general and specific main ideas.  Stasia thought that next time E  does demo might want to invite everyone to gather closer prior to giving her speech and to also strive to keep speech within time limits.
Second and final speaker was Ralston Medouze, who gave his 7th speech entitled, “Perseverance”.  He cleverly used his newest endeavor to emphasize how important it is in any aspect of life, especially education, when learning something new to not give up if too hard or have one or many failures in the beginning, as he threw a ball back and forth between his hands, because eventually, you will reach your goals.  He reminded us that this cycle happens with each new step in our learning journey, as he begane throwing 2 balls back and forth and then by the close of his speech was competently juggling 3 balls!  Una Richards told Ralston she thought that he reached his objectives and she was very impressed with the structure, content and delivery of his story.
Ralston won Best Speaker and Anastasia won Best Evaluator. 
Don’t forget to explore all of the options in the new Pathways Program at and choose some goals to pursue.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please look at your Communicator Manual.  If you only have 1 speech left to achieve your CC, we implore you to do June 14 or June 21 so that it will help our Club achieve Distinguished Club.  The last page in the manual will need to be completed and signed with all info before we can submit. The same goes for the Leadership Manual.  Look at the back page of the manual and if you’ve done the roles and are close to achieving your CL, please sign up for the roles or jobs you’re missing so that we can also submit by June 21st!  We so appreciate your commitment to improving your skills and help our Club be the best it can be!

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