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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Sandy Springs 6-28 Toastmaster Meeting Recap and July 12 Roles

Hello everyone!  Hoping everyone has a safe and memorable celebration this July 4th!  Take time to remember how the story of our beloved country began and the wisdom of it's founding principles!
It has been my honor, pleasure and privilege to have worked with all of you this past year as one of the leaders and I am eager to see all the wonderful plans that our club's new President, Paige Kerr, will implement, wish her and all the officers all my best and pledge to support them however I can.  Thank you all for your support, your honesty and your commitment to the accomplishment of both your personal and our club's goals!   Warm regards, Stasia

Beginning July 12, our new Secretary, E Ezra, will be writing and posting all of the meeting recaps and working with Una Richards, our new VPE, to distribute the assigned roles.  Please help them each week by reviewing the roles and confirming availability as soon as possible.  This will help make the role of the weekly TM easier as well as help Paige run the ship!
Here are the current assignments for July 12. Again, please respond no later than Sunday evening if possible to confirm your availability.  If there is a date you would like to fill a role, please let us know that, too.

TM - Mitch Reiner
TT - Bud Otto
Speakers: E Ezra & Una Richards
Evaluators: Anastasia Pass & Jim Owen
Joke: Alan Magee
Word: Crystal Reeves
Ti'V:  Chris Ashkouti
Ah/Gr: Tom Mills
Also, reminder that our new officers will be installed by the past president with brief ceremony at beginning of the meeting

In the absence of our wonderful Sergeant-At-Arms, Bud Otto, our incoming President, along with help from member Steve Bragg, opened the meeting with our traditional Pledge of Allegiance.  Paige then introduced the Toastmaster of the Day, Anastasia Pass.  Anastasia was excited to fill this role in her last meeting as the club President.  She welcomed guest, Sharon Reid, and newest member, Magdalena, and invited them to address the members.  This meeting was a reverse meeting, meaning the Speakers went first followed by Table Topics in 2nd half.  After reviewing the roles, a brief break was taken to allow the evaluators and speakers to chat before the speaking segment.  

David Kulze introduced first Speaker, Tom Mills, to make his first speech which is always an Icebreaker.  Tom's speech, entitled "Who I Am" gave us a brief glimpse into 3 segments of his life and the sub-chapters within his life as a child, his teenage years and his adult years.  It was so appropriate for him to structure his speech around the theme of a book since Tom has worked in the printing industry for over 30 years.  David told him what he liked about his delivery of his very first speech and encouraging words of how he could strengthen his next speech. 

Anastasia introduce the second Speaker, Paige Kerr, who was giving her 9th speech entitled, "Print Version Unavailable".  This was a Power to Persuade project and Paige's goal was to convert tactile book readers to using tools that provide books and other written materials in digital form.  One member was convinced by her numerous arguments about the advantages of digital versions so her speech was a success!  The entire group took turns telling Paige what they liked about her presentation and how she could tweak aspect for more impact.  

David won Best Evaluator and Tom Mills won Best Speaker.  Congrats to everyone!

After a short break, Mitch Reiner, Table Topics Master, presented members and our guest with a series of very interesting questions all revolving around his family vacation experiences in Moab, Utah.  Mitch was very reflective about all he and his family learned and saw at the Arches and Canyonlands, particularly the shock of time in that location and all over the world. His questions ranged from "what fascinates you about space" to "what kind of dinosaur would you be".  Chris Ashkouti won Best Table Topics for his hilarious response to "what petrographs would you draw today to describe your life to future visitors".  Chris humorously explained the chaos happening in his family right now as they are preparing for his sister's September 1st destination wedding and his drawing would be a collage of craziness.  Thank you, Mitch, for sharing your experience and how it impacted you and for all the really original questions!
The club voted to combine the roles of TM and GE but today, E Ezra requested to serve as General Evaluator.  She reviewed the entire meeting from start to finish with accolades and thumbs up overall.   

Many thanks to all members for participating and fulfilling roles.  We look forward to getting to know Magdalena and also hope to see Sharon Reid again!   Also excited to learn that Alex Brinkman has recovered enough to take his planned vacation to Croatia and hopes to be back to visit us by the end of July!  

Have a great week and we'll see you Thursday, July 12, 7am!!!

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