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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sandy Springs 5-17 Toastmasters Meeting Recap

A small but mighty crowd this morning with a few guests. 
Andrea Miranda was able to join us and gave the word of the day "Auspicious" and a funny joke to lighten the mood.

Bud Otto led the way as Toastmaster, entertaining us with his heartfelt stories throughout the meeting. Crystal led two rounds of Table Topics
1) "In the Kitchen" (Andrea Miranda won with her story about her love of reheating leftovers!)
2) "Three Things" (Duyen Tran was the winner talking about her three fears and conquering or not conquering them)

Alan Magee gave a speech on his fascination with collecting shoes, specifically sneakers, including fun stories about hidden sneaker shops in a Bodega. He then lightheartedly compared his shoe collection to his wives. His main message was that it's ok for adults to collect things!  

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