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Friday, May 11, 2018

Sandy Springs 5-10-18 Toastmasters Meeting Recap

Toastmasters Meeting Recap: May 10, 2018 
(Many thanks to Paige Kerr for her awesome recap!)

Bud Otto kicked off the meeting on time with the Pledge of Allegiance. We had a group of nine members and two guests, one a returning guest. Our newest guest is Sean (sp?) Morrison. Ralston Medouze led as Toastmaster, introducing the Word of the Day as mercurial, an adverb meaning fickle or changing often and quickly. Several members were able to use the word during Table Topics.  Ralston reminded everyone of the upcoming officer nominations and elections and encouraged members to consider a role.

Mitch Reiner performed as Table Topics Master with well planned questions on baseball for the sports-minded group. Members were asked questions like "Home runs or strike outs?"; "What is your favorite baseball memory?"; "What is a memory of baseball that hasn't happened yet?" As it turned out, only one member, Crystal Reeves was truly a baseball fan and all the impromptu and funny responses surprised Mitch. Chris Ashkouti won for his speech about a baseball memory from his youth that he never wanted to repeat again! 

Two speeches, one from E Ezra and the other from Jim Owens were both winners! E gave speech # 2 on what we all have in common -- our hair! Paige Kerr evaluated (and won as best evaluator) this very visual presentation that engaged the audience and delivered very interesting information about our hair!  Jim provided a training session entitled Quit Talking and Listen! This presentation on listening skills using the word SPECIAL was informative and clearly articulated with good examples. 

It was just another great meeting with Sandy Springs Toastmasters! Hope you can join us next time!

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