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Monday, April 9, 2018

Sandy Springs 4/5 Toastmasters Mtg Recap and 4/12 Roles

Happy Monday, everyone!  Hoping you all had a great weekend.  Please confirm your availability for 4/12 as soon as possible by replying to all.  Following the roles below, I have copied several links to materials that should be helpful to understanding the new Pathways Program that is scheduled to roll out in our club May 15. Thank you for your quick response about the roles for 4/12.  Wishing our members Alex Brinkman and Bud Otto continued healing and reappearance at SS TM soon!

April 12 Roles:
TM: David Kulze
TT: Colbi Ellison
Speakers: Chris Ashkouti & E Ezra
Evaluators: Jim Owen & Steve Bragg (Andrea Miranda Backup)
Word: Mitch Reiner
Joke: Anastasia Pass
Ti/V: Una Richards

For those of you who could not make last week's meeting, it was an introductory training to Pathways presented by our club's Pathways Guide, Sophie Jasinski.  We still have another month before we receive our access info to Pathways so between now and then, please check out the information on Pathways on the website.  I've also copied the links to several YouTube videos below that might be helpful, some from me and some from Michael McConnell.  If you come across any others that you think would be helpful, please share with the group.  Please send me any and all questions about the Pathways program that you have after reviewing some of these materials and I will forward them on to our Pathways Guide.  Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

Very brief intro to Pathways:

This is a four-minute video done by James Wantz giving a quick overview of Pathways -

This is another video by James Wantz explaining how to navigate Pathways Program on your computer: 

This is the presentation given to us by Sophie Jasinski at last week's meeting:

This is a short video done by TM member about how you complete a project:

Unofficial Overview by another TM Club: (this one is good but does propose some questions without answers and pronounces the word "Projects" with a long "o" which bothered me!)

I'm very grateful to our long-time member, Michael McConnell, for reviewing and suggesting the 3 links below as well as Basecamp info.     <-- this youtube vid was done by a dtm for a different group.   (this youtube vid is fairly decent giving more than a bird's eye view presentation)    <--  this one also had/has some useful links into toastmaster org's site

Other: 'Basecamp' is (just) the of a software 'project management tool' that is free to download as well as being customizable. For the geeks: do
a search and download the base software for your own experimentation.

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