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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Sandy Springs 3-29-18 Toastmasters Meeting Recap & Upcoming Roles

It was a full house at today's meeting.  We got a late start because everyone was so excited to see two of our long-time members, Michael McConnell and Darbie Saunders (with baby Lane in tow) visit us for the first time in months, along with about 10 members and 1 guest, Felicia Jackson.  In Bud Otto's absence, the President, Anastasia Pass, eventually started the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance, reminded all about the April 5th Pathways Training (bring your laptops please!) and told all how thrilled she was about today being Opening Day for all MLB!  She then turned the meeting over to Jim Owens, TM of the day. Jim talked about all things Spring & Easter, welcomed our guest, reviewed the roles and introduced Table Topics Master, David Kulze.  

David challenged us to random, unconnected questions that he has been collecting from various Internet sites, e.g. what would you do with 50 tons of nutella that someone gave you?  If you were on a first date and could secretly select one person to come up and give you a high five to impress your date, who would you pick?  Andrea Miranda won Best Table Topics with her clever and spot on response to question "it's 2050 and you are invited to a New Year's party with a year 2000 theme, how would you celebrate".  Andrea had everyone laughing when she said she would bring her N Sync music along with portable CD player, and a few other gems.  Hard to believe 2000 was 18 years ago!  

We had two speakers today.  Andrea's 6-8 minute speech purpose was to inspire and inform and was entitled "To Do or Not To Do".  She explained the 5 major steps in the recruiting process when if done well create a positive experience for customers.  Alan Magee gave a 4-6 minute impromptu speech on the Atlanta United Soccer Team experience as a follow-up to his introductory speech given over a year ago on the same topic.  The first speech was given before AU played their first game.  This speech was an effort to persuade anyone who is not yet a soccer fan why they should try going to a game.  Several people are now going to try due to overall greatness of experience, affordability of game tickets and food, shorter time commitment than other sports, golden spike, game chants and the Mercedes Benz stadium. 

Crystal Reeves evaluated Andrea's presentation with positive feedback on how well-constructed and succinct Andrea's speech was and suggested she make the opening line more memorable.  Paige Kerr told Alan how much she enjoyed the enthusiasm he conveyed throughout his speech and how she was definitely persuaded to get tickets.  Andrea won Best Speaker and Paige won Best Evaluator.  

Felicia Jackson gave our club high fives and indicated that she is planning to return, especially to find out more about the new Pathways program.  Jim Owens also gave the meeting an overall glowing report and despite a late start, adjourned the meeting on time.

Everyone wishes Bud Otto a speedy recovery from his hip surgery and hope to see him back with us soon, as well as Alex Brinkman who is still recuperating from a broken leg.  They are missed. 

Happy Easter to all and remember to bring your laptops or any device that you can access Internet with to the April 5th meeting.  Anyone who can bring a 12-ft or longer HDMI cable and adaptor to the meeting next week, please let Anastasia know. 

TM - Anastasia Pass
Word or Joke:  Colbi Ellison
Pathways Trainer: Sophie Jasinski

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