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Friday, March 16, 2018

Sandy Springs 3-15-18 Toastmasters Meeting Recap & Roles for 3/22

Hello all:
It was another fun meeting for SS TM Club!  Anastasia Pass, President, gave a quick overview of the upcoming rollout of the new and exciting TM Pathways learning program which will officially begin May 15, 2018; and encouraged all to review the basic info she emailed and that is also available on the TM International website.  We are going to have a Pathways Ambassador visit our club in April to give us our initial training and we would like as many members to attend as possible.  Please let Anastasia Pass know asap if you would be available April 5th, April 12th or both She also reminded everyone to bring their Leadership and Communication Manuals to every meeting so that we can log your progress towards Competency Goals.  Lastly, a discussion was held about the role of the Ah Counter/Grammarian.  It was decided by majority vote that we will now have the person assigned to that role give members instant feedback via a clicker, bell, or some other audible tool whenever a filler word is used, e.g. "Ah", "Um", "you know", "so", etc.  Usage of Word of the Day as well as proper word or sentence structure will still be given in the final Ah/Gr report.  The reason we agreed important to do this until the club votes otherwise, is so that we felt this was the most effective way for all of us continue to improve our communication skills. 

Anastasia introduced the TM of the day, Colbi Ellison, who reviewed the roles and called on Bud Otto to give us the Word of the Day - confabulate.  (Congrats to our 2 members who were able to weave into their remarks - Una Richards and Steve Bragg!)

Table Topics Master, Una Richards, had a variety of words in a hat for us to pull from and each answer was to start with the words, "The problem today is (the word randomly selected)." Some of the words included social media, gun control, colleges, parents and taxes, which all made for interesting responses.  Colbi Ellison won Best Table Topics for how he responded to "the problem today is global warming" - which he proposed was not actually global warming but rather how global warming is reported on. 

Our sole speaker of the day was Bud Otto, who speech was similar to an icebreaker. He touched on the 4 things that greatly influenced his attitudes, perspectives and life path - family, education, activities and environment. Crystal provided Bud very helpful feedback about the strengths of his presentation as well as how he might strengthen his future ones. 

Our well-prepared and articulate Toastmaster, Colbi, closed the meeting with a substantive overall review of the entire meeting.

Please review the roles and CONFIRM your availability or lack thereof, no later than Sunday, March18, with either Anastasia Pass or next week's TM, Crystal Reeves.  Many thanks and hope everyone has a safe and happy St. Patrick's Day!
TM/GE: Crystal Reeves
TT: Darbie Saunders
Speakers: Colbi Ellison; Steve Bragg
Evaluators: Jeremiah Jones; Paige Kerr
Scribe: Una Richards (Scribe: takes notes during meeting to write brief recap. Emails to Pres or VPE)
CLE: Any officer in attendance

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