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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Sandy Springs 3-1-18 TM Recap & 3-8 Roles

ROLES FOR 3-8 Meeting:  (Because District Director, Kerin Lester, will be visiting our 3/8 meeting, please confirm your availability for your assigned role by replying to all no later than 8pm, Sunday, 3/4 if possible.) If you will not be able to fill, we need time to find someone else to step in.  Please note that the when you are the TM you now basically run the entire meeting, including performing the GE role.  The GE role entails assigning Evaluators to Speakers, determining the order of speeches, giving an overall evaluation and making sure the meeting starts on time at 7am and adjourns on time at 8:15.  You also prepare the agenda and bring 8 copies to the meeting.  Requires working closely with the Club President.  If you have any questions about preparing for your specific role, please either contact one of the officers or review the role expectations by signing into  Many thanks to all!
TM: Alan Magee
TT: Anastasia Pass
Speakers:  Paige Kerr & Colbi Ellison (3/15 Speakers - Chris Ashkouti & Bud Otto)
Evaluators:  Ralston Medouze & Una Richards
Ah/Gr: Bud Otto
Joke: Jeremiah Jones
Word: Mitch Reiner
Ti/V: Chris Ashkouti

Sergeant-At-Arms, Bud Otto, opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by VP Membership, Andrea Miranda, making the opening remarks.  She reminded members to go to to renew their dues before March 15 if possible as it is that time of year.  Andrea also informed the club that our member, Alex Brinkman, broke his lege during a skiing accident in Colorado.  We don't expect him to return for a few months and ask that all keep him in their thoughts and prayers for full healing.

Toastmaster, Colbi Ellison, encouraged all to "plan to fail."  He said that when we push ourselves to do the things that make us uncomfortable, we can only win.  He gave us some good overall tips for public speaking and handed things over to Table Topics Master, Andrea Miranda.  We had one guest, Andrea Pruitt, arrive just in time to listen in on our TT session of the day which had the theme "Awards Acceptance Speeches".  There was a 3-way tie for best Table Topics.

Una Richards gave her 3rd speech, project Get to the Point, in which she informed us about making what are called S.M.A.R.T. goals.  Bud Otto gave an impromptu speech about the latest tax reform and how it affects all of us and ways we can plan for our future.  Una won for Best Speech and Jim Own won for Best Evaluation.

A huge thank you to Andrea Miranda for her reliability, leadership and once again, doing double-duty as Table Topics Master & Scribe for the day.  We really appreciate everyone fulfilling their roles and for stepping in as volunteer when needed.  This is one reason why our club is so great.  See you Thursday!

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