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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Sandy Springs TM 2-1-18 Meeting Recap

Hello Sandy Springs Toastmasters & Visitors:
Please enjoy the following recap of our Feb. 1st TM meeting.
Toastmaster, Chris Ashkouti, led the meeting with a theme of the day: Stay positive. The word of the day was confabulate (verb): to converse informally; chat. Alas, no one used the word but we encourage everyone to incorporate it sometime this week. In lieu of a joke of the day, member Steve Bragg recounted that today marks the 1 year anniversary of his prostate cancer surgery. Cheers to Steve’s health!

The celebration led nicely into Table Topics Master’s, Crystal Reeves, Designated Days and Holidays in February. Alex Brinkman won for his witty response about Valentine’s Day, his favorite (and best) time to scour the bar for single ladies.

Colbi Ellison gave a speech entitled “The Power of the Tongue,” which recounted his time in school and growing up with a learning disability. He encouraged everyone to not let labels affect your opinion of yourself and called for participation to pass on positive words to those around you (coincidentally tying into the theme of the day!). It was a close vote but our sole speaker Colbi Ellison won for Best Speech and Bud Otto won for Best Evaluator.

Chris Ashkouti was excited to use the gavel and close the meeting, which ended early as we were ahead of schedule.  

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