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Friday, October 6, 2017

October 5 Sandy Springs TM Meeting Recap

 October 5 Sandy Springs TM Meeting Recap:

Hello Fellow Sandy Springs Toastmasters and guests!    

Our President, Anastasia Pass, kicked off the meeting after returning from the hardship of losing her mother-in-law. It was heartwarming to see her welcoming face again. She reminded us that the Fall Conference is coming up and that Paige Kerr will be competing once again for her humorous speech! To purchase tickets to the full conference or just Paige's event, click here.

Paige Kerr was our Toastmaster extraordinaire after pulling together the meeting at the last minute. What a stellar job she did and the meeting went off without a hitch! Melinda Schmitt led us in a round of table topics challenging everyone to rework the plot of popular movies. Andrea Miranda won for her rendition of a transgender Princess Bride.

Andrea was our solo speaker of the day offering us a compelling speech on stress and how to view it differently. She used Seeking Serenity as a resource for her research. 

Everyone have a great weekend and we will see you next Thursday!

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