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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Sandy Springs Toastmasters 8/31/17 Meeting Recap

President, Anastasia Pass, opened the meeting by drawing attention to the proudly displayed sash we were awarded for achieving Distinguished Club.  It's an important goal for every TM club to earn and we aim to achieve that or higher levels this year. She then announced that we want to schedule a social night some time this month and are taking a survey on when most members would be able to attend - Sept 12, 13, 14 or Sept 20 or 21 at 6:30pm. Location TBD.  We are also planning to have special presentations instead of member speeches on either Sept 14 or Sept 21.

Andrea Miranda, Toastmaster, brought up Table Topics Master, Jim Owen, who challenged our 3 guests and members with a series of questions related to Labor Day.  Wayne DuPont won for his colorful and humorous response to how he was going to celebrate the end of summer.  He had the crowd laughing as he described how he couldn't wait to wear his floor length cloak and full afro as he strutted his stuff around town Labor Day weekend.

Alex Brinkman entertained the club with his 3rd speech on the many merits of Cleveland, OH (who knew?!) and why everyone should add to their "bucket list" a visit to his hometown city, of which he is extremely proud. David Kulze cleverly gave us a glimpse into his life in his Icebreaker speech by explaining how German was his native language when he was a child and how he found great humor in several German words.  During Una Richard's evaluation of Alex' speech, she told him his presentation was very convincing as she never really thought about travelling to Cleveland until now. Paige Kerr told David that she enjoyed how he sprinkled in some audience participation and kept a smile in his voice or face throughout his speech. David Kulze won Best Speaker and Paige Kerry Best Evaluator.

Ah/Gr report was very detailed and helpful. Guests also gave the club some very substantive feedback.  Roles for the following week were reviewed and the meeting was adjourned.  If you're scheduled for a role, we ask that you directly confirm with either the President, Anastasia Pass, or VPE, Melinda Schmitt.  Huge thank you to all members for being well-prepared for their roles and pitching in on all things.

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