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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Sandy Springs TM Sept 7 Meeting Recap

Hello Fellow Sandy Springs Toastmasters and guests!    

Our President kicked off the meeting by letting us know that it's time for membership renewal. Membership renewal is due by the 30th of September to remain active in the group. Please consider renewing your membership by 9/15. If everyone renews by that date, our group will receive a special bonus from Toastmasters International. (TBD)

Our social night will take place the week of the 18th. It will be on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Hope you can all make it! On the 21st we will also be having a special leadership presentation meeting. You will NOT want to miss that one. 

We welcomed two guests this week, Melat Getachew (Mel) (2nd visit!) and Gorata Masuga. We appreciate their presence and hope to see them again in the future.

Catherine Wright hosted a spectacular table topics that was a take on the Ice Breaker speeches. She asked very interesting and thought-provoking questions that allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of our fellow members. David Kulze won for his answer of whether or not he felt he would still be in his current job 30 years into the future. Melinda Schmitt was the speaker for the week providing us perhaps too much information on the lessons she learned from sitting in a bed of ticks. Crystal evaluated her and they both won respective awards by default. 

Everyone have a great weekend and we will see you next Thursday!

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