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Friday, July 14, 2017

Sandy Springs 7/13 Toastmasters Meeting Recap

7/20 ROLES:

Members:  Please review the roles below for the 7/20 meeting and do try your best to let Jim Owen, Melinda Schmitt and Anastasia Pass know if you will be able to fill your slot if you were not at this week's meeting!  Thank you so much!

TM: Jim Owen
TT: Ralston Medouze
GE: Paige Kerr
Speakers:  David Kulze, Phillip Knight, Reza Shah
Evaluators: Jeremiah Jones, 2 Open
Word: Open
Ti/V: Una Richards
Ah/Gr:  Open
Joke: Open


**Coming Up**

Next Tuesday, July 18 at 6:30pm is a District 44 Contest Judge Training. It will be held at Jackson Memorial Baptist Church on 534 Fairburn Road Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30331.

Saturday, July 29 at 10am is a District 44 Chief Judge Training. It will also be held at Jackson Memorial Baptist Church on 534 Fairburn Road Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30331.

Saturday, August 19 will be the humorous speech and evaluation contest. In order to participate, you must sign up by the end of July. 

If you are interested in any of these events, sign up online or reach out to Melinda Schmitt or Anastasia Pass.
Last week's meeting was full of guests! We would like to extend a warm welcome to Catherine Wright, Denise Lyons, Velma Troyham, and our District Manager, Kerin Lester. We appreciated your presence and the glowing reviews you gave us. As District Manager, Kerin came to us looking for ways that she can help bring value to our club, instead she expects that our club will help bring value to the other clubs in the district. She appreciated our enthusiasm and energy. Go us!

Alex Brinkman created a fun environment with his Table Topics of Useless Yahoo Articles. Paige Kerr won best table topic with her creative use of showing our guests how table topics can be whatever you need them to be, especially if you can't think of anything related to the topic at hand. Bravo, Paige. Paige also won best speaker and David Kulze won best evaluator as they had no competition.

Everyone have a great weekend and we will see you next Thursday!
Melinda Schmitt, VPE

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