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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sandy Springs 7-6-17 Toastmasters Meeting Recap

7/13 ROLES:
Members:  Please review the roles below for the 7/13 meeting and do try your best to let Andrea Miranda, Melinda Schmitt and Anastasia Pass know if you will be able to fill your slot if you were not at this week's meeting!  Thank you so much!
TM: Andrea Miranda
TT: Alex Brinkman
GE: Melinda Schmitt
Speakers:  Jim Owen, Paige Kerr
Evaluators: Bud Otto, David Kulze
Word: Open
Ti/V: Ralston Medouze
Ah/Gr: Una Richards
Joke: OPEN

Our faithful Sergeant-At-Arms, Bud Otto, after opening the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance, turned the meeting over to Anastasia Pass for her first meeting as President! Anastasia kicked off the new Toastmaster's year announcing the great news that we made Distinguished Club thanks to all the hard work our officers did and the recognition we received for this effort. Congratulations to us! She also reminded all officers to sign up for the training that begins next Saturday. 

Table Topics Master, Anastasia Pass, took things quite literal as she asked questions all around the topic of tables! She threw us for a loop by addressing all different types of tables. Ones we use for eating on, ones we use as graphs, table games, and even the earth's table. Our guest Catherine Wright won best table topic for her discussion of her favorite table which is in storage and filled with imperfections or as she likes to call them, memories. Congratulations Catherine!

Andrea Miranda introduced Darbie Saunders as our first speaker with the announcement for those of us that didn't know that she is due in November! Congratulations Darbie! We can't wait for our newest member of Toastmasters to arrive. She kicked off the speeches by continuing the cooking/baking theme that Andrea started last week. She showed us how to make Alligator Pear dip better known as guacamole. She even shared with us her secret ingredient, ranch dressing. Andrea felt that Darbie had great focus, loved the tips and tricks she shared and had a great pace. She felt that creating different levels for her ingredients may have made an even bigger impact. Crystal Reeves introduced Melinda Schmitt as the second speaker with her 6th speech since joining 6 months ago. She discussed the three books that helped her on her spiritual path, Quantum Love by Laura Berman, The Universe Has Your Back by Gabriel Bernstein, and A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. Crystal felt her speech was motivational and inspiring and suggested bumping up her energy a little and bringing a little more variety to her voice.
Our General Evaluator was Steve Bragg. We were running out of time for all the things he wanted to share, but promised he would be back with those. He did mention that when it comes time for table topics, he feels that it is best when people are called on randomly instead of going around the room. That creates more spontaneity

Alan Magee was our Toastmasters for the meeting and kept it running smoothly. We were blessed to have had 4 guests at the meeting. Upon Alan's request for their feedback, they shared that we were a warm environment with encouraging members. Rosa Field announced that after going to a few different locations she felt Sandy Springs was the best suited for her. We look forward to her joining us!

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