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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sandy Springs Toastmaster 6/15/17 Meeting Recap

Hello Current and Future Toastmasters!
We had a great turnout at our meeting today and lots of positive energy.  Our long-time member, Jim Owen, wore dual hats today handling the TM and GE role.  It always works out.  He introduced current VPE, Anastasia Pass, who reminded all the officers that their first training of the year is coming up this summer and also that we still need one or two members to step into the VPE role by June 30.  One member could take notes to write and publish the recap and another member could set, track and print the schedule.  It takes about an hour a week but is an important job to keep the club moving along the communication and leadership tracks. Or one member could do it all, Either way, looking for someone to take on this key leadership role this year.

Melinda Schmitt's Word of the day was "transmute" which was used throughout the meeting by several people.  Ralston Medouze was our ever so clever Table Topics Master and challenged all members with a test of their creativity.  He gave us names of actual but not well-known companies and asked us to tell the members what our companies did and how it's changing the world.  Company names such as The Boring Company, Silvernest, and Rebel Mouse.  Alex Brinkman won Best Table Topics for his hilarious tongue-in-cheek explanation of his company "Adore Me".  You had to be here to get the full impact!

Reza Shah gave his sixth speech, project Vocal Variety, entitled "Why".  It was an impromptu yet thought-provoking presentation of how critical thinkers should ask "why" questions more often when making decisions and discussing topics, especially during these politically turbulent times.  He also encouraged us to ask the "why" of seemingly redundant names that we give things, like "waste paper basket" instead of "bin" "sidewalk" and "horseback riding".

Anastasia Pass gave her 3rd speech in the Advanced Communicator Storytelling Series on the moral of the story entitled "On Your Mark, Get Set, Go", which was about her decision to run a marathon as a real personal mission during a difficult time in her life and ended with a twist on the tortoise and hare classic, stating that "slow and steady does win the race" but "preparation and volition accomplish the mission".

Crystal Reeves complimented Reza on how well structured his speech was and encouraged him to strengthen his use of vocal variety.  Bud Otto told Anastasia that he enjoyed her speech opening and close and how he felt most could identify with the crossroads in life she referenced.

Anastasia won Best Speaker and Bud Otto won Best Evaluator.  We had one guest, Shu Jackson, who said she was very impressed with the group's ability to think on their feet and wants to come back for sure.

Join us at 7:00am whenever you can!  Every week is a little different but always interesting.  Toastmasters could transmute your life if you just give it a try!

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